Hypocrite Maybe, But At Least He’s Honest

Thom Yorke, the frontman for Radiohead confesses that environmentally he is a big sinner.

Campaigning RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE has confessed he is a hypocrite, because it’s impossible for him to be a world-travelling rock star without damaging the environment. Yorke is a vocal ambassador for the charity Friends Of The Earth, but admits he isn’t “flawless”, since big concerts, tours and festivals rely on fossil fuel and create tons of unrecyclable waste. He says, “I don’t drive a big car, but I don’t come out of it dirt-free. “The whole apparatus of big festivals is not cool. If we could go to them and say, you can only use paper cups, you can’t use generators, you have to use solar panels. “You technically can’t make it happen. That stresses me out, because I am a hypocrite. As we all are.”

Yeah, a nighttime concert that relies on solar panels would suck really bad considering that the solar panels wouldn’t generate enough electricity to power Yorke’s blowdryer let alone the lighting, insturments, and other things.

Everybody should have it this rough, I tell ya’.

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  1. Kudo’s for being honest (as opposed to the PR flack who claimed Gore’s movie would be “carbon neutral”). Now what would be really humorous to me is if suddenly he lost his audience (ala the Dixie Chicks). Not because I want to see honesty lose out. But because it would say that his fans couldn’t think through things well enough to empty piss from a boot unless the instructions were on the heel. But if they stay with him despite his actions hastening the global apocalypse of global warming (if you believe in that sort of thing) then they show that they aren’t smart enough to empty piss from a boot even when the instructions are printed on the heel.