In India, Sarah Palin Criticizes President Obama For “Dithering” Over Libya

In her best passive aggressive mode, Sarah Palin use her speech this weekend in India to say that Americans have a tradition of criticizing the President while overseas. Then she proceeded to criticize the President while  overseas:

“The U.S. has a tradition of course of Americans as we travel to foreign soil we don’t criticize our President’s foreign policy — even as friendly soil as India is — I won’t criticize what his foreign policy has been. But, to answer your question, certainly there would have been more decisiveness, there would have been more commitment to making sure that those who are freedom fighters, who truly desire democracy and free and fair elections and respect for human rights and women’s rights, that they know that America is on their side. And we have a rich tradition, a history in America of being on the side of those who would seek democracy, who would seek freedom, and free markets. So, yes, there would have been more decisiveness and less, though the word has been beaten to death, the word ‘dithering’? I, heaven forbid you hear that again in national news over in the U.S. because it’s used all the time. But less dithering, more decisiveness.” –Sarah Palin, while at a speaking engagement at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi.

H/T: The Pajama Pundit

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  1. Socrates says:

    What’s really weird is that I just read this article about how people don’t use the phone anymore. And this guy, Jonathan Adler, an interior designer, speaking to someone in a phone interview, says that he “literally” never, ever uses a phone.

    And this is exactly the same kind of thing, yes?

    Great minds!


  2. MarkedMan says:

    Sarah Palin is not a good person. She doesn’t believe that anyone who lives in an east or west coast state is a real American, yet she feels she represents real America by going a foreign country and trashing the President. Class act, that Sarah.

  3. Montana says:

    I real hope one of these retreads and blowhards runs for president, not because they have a chance of winning but because I like to see the train wreck that they will cause.

    Faux News Candidates:
    former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ”The I graduated Early”,
    former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga. “The I Love The Interns”,
    former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee “The Huckster Reverend”,
    former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa. “The I Love the Gays”,
    former UN Ambassador John Bolton “The I Love The War ”

    I Finace Myself:
    former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “The Flip-Flopping Fudger”,
    former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush “The I Am Not My “Dumb Ass” Brother”,

    Employed Long Shots:
    Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. “The History, I Don’t Need No Stink’n History”,
    Mississippi Gov./ former tobacco lobbyist, Haley Barbour “The last White Hope”

  4. Herb says:

    What’s Sarah Palin doing in India?

  5. Franklin says:

    Some people think before acting.

  6. Jenny says:

    When I thing of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, I think of the “Half-Term” Alaska Governor, Palin, yup, thats exactly who I think of.

  7. legion says:

    Remember back when a politician going on foreign soil & criticizing the President sparked calls of ‘treason!’ in the Congress? Remember when anyone in this country had any goddamn character at all? I kinda miss those days.

  8. wr says:

    “What’s Sarah Palin doing in India?”

    She wanted to support governor Mitch Daniels in his attempt to destroy the unions.

  9. john personna says:

    “What’s Sarah Palin doing in India?”

    Reinforcing her preconceptions?

  10. Michael says:

    What’s Sarah Palin doing in India?

    Forget POTUS, she’s campaigning to be the next Dalai Lama!

  11. mantis says:

    Forget POTUS, she’s campaigning to be the next Dalai Lama!


  12. anjin-san says:

    And if Obama had acted more quickly we would have been hearing about the “rush to war” and the “insult to our allies”. Blah, blah, blah. Let’s break out the electron microscope and see if we can locate this woman’s brain.

  13. chippie says:

    Talk about “dithering”! She has been dithering and indecisive about running for president for two years! This brainless woman is a disgrace to all American women and to this country!