“In lieu of flowers…..make a donation to ANYONE running against Barack Hussein Obama”

In lieu of flowers, at Jim's request, please make a donation to ANYONE running against Barack Hussein Obama

The late James Harrison of The Woodlands, Texas really doesn’t like Barack Obama. So much so in fact that he’s asking mourners to donate to anyone running against the President:

In lieu of flowers, at Jim’s request, please make a donation to ANYONE running against Barack Hussein Obama, or the American Cancer Society

Who said political activism had to end when you died.

H/T: Ben Smith

UPDATE (James Joyner):  Salon‘s Justin Elliot reports that, “This is at least the sixth such anti-Obama obituary since last August.”

Wonkette’s Jack Stuef retorts: “Shut up, dead people.”

Because old people are disproportionately Republican and old, a high percentage of those currently planning on voting that black man out of office will be dead before they get the chance. But they are not powerless! They can make sure their final decisions on this Earth are motivated by their favorite emotion, hate, and the object of their hate, the president of the United States. Yes, many dead people are now asking in their obituaries that, in lieu of flowers, donations made to candidates who oppose Barack Obama. Our nation’s dead people are ANGRY and are not above making their funerals political. Death is a time for reflecting on WHERE IS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

This gives “last words” a whole new meaning. But it does strike me as a wee bit tacky.

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  1. Have A Nice G.A. says:


  2. reid says:

    At least he won’t be voting.

  3. Shayne says:

    He would be if he were a Chicago Democrat!

  4. legion says:

    If these people are really dead, they should be able to prove it, right?

  5. Steven Donegal says:

    I never had the privilege of knowing James, but I think a donation to Obama is definitely in order.

  6. OxyCon says:

    Same thing happened when Bush was President. It was reported all over leftist blogs at the time.

  7. TG Chicago says:

    Obviously throwing the “Hussein” in shows exactly what kind of person we’re dealing with (it’s highly unlikely this person insisted on referring to “William Jefferson Clinton”, needless to say)

    But putting that aside, I have no problem with people asking for donations to causes they believe strongly in.

  8. Flying Tiger says:

    It’s only fair really- after all, many other dead people vote for Barry and Rahm Emmanuel and friends.