Jack Lew’s Horrible Signature

New York Magazine reports that, with Jack Lew apparently set to replace Timothy Geithner, this signature will soon grace America’s currency:



Seriously, what the heck is that?

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Rob in CT says:

    Wow, that’s worse than my father’s signature, which has long been an object of ridicule in the family.

    Is that for real?

  2. I can get a ‘J’ out of that. Maybe an ‘a’. After that, he’s obviously just scribbling.

    On a side note, I have a movie poster of Bubba Ho-Tep autographed by Bruce Campbell. Jealous? Yeah, well, here’s what his autograph looks like: http://letsshare.typepad.com/.a/6a00e551522468883401053594ff23970c-320wi

    Still better than Jack Lew’s.

  3. Tony W says:

    The signature looks just like the border of the bill beneath it.

  4. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Seriously, what the heck is that?

    Quick and easy.

  5. C. Clavin says:

    As a designer…I think it will look perfect on the Trillion Dollar Coin…just below the likeness of Bush 43.

  6. mattb says:

    @Stress N. Strain:
    Is that an abstract representation of his chin and general awesomeness?

  7. Gustopher says:

    Our new treasury secretary is obviously illiterate, and has been hiding it for years. To which I say, “Bravo, good man, bravo!”

    He has functioned at the highest levels of society for years while hiding his illiteracy, so it won’t affect his performance on the job. He’s doubtless worked out tricks (“I forgot my reading glasses, what does this say?”, etc). And the signature… Well he botched it there, but at least it isn’t an x.

  8. Jeremy R says:

    I’m guessing he’ll change it for legibility, as Geithner did before him.

  9. Sirkowski says:

    It’s the snake from Genesis!

  10. cd6 says:

    First trillion dollar coins and now currency scribbles? This is clearly Obama’s plan to deligitimize US currency in accordance with his plan to destroy America and pave the way for takeover by the UN

    This is the kind of thing that ideally Glenn Beck or the geniuses at Breitbart can start investigating ASAP

  11. CSK says:

    Looks like a Slinky.

  12. lankyloo says:

    @Gustopher: No doubt. He must be wicked smart to have gotten so far. Good on him.

  13. matt says:

    @CSK: A really broken slinky.

  14. Tyrell says:

    Is this some sort of comment on the nation’ s school system ? From what I hear the schools no longer even teach cursive writing: results of the Federal takeover of the schools. Let’ s get back to the basics and local control !!

  15. John Burgess says:

    Well, it can’t be misread to say, “Jew”.

  16. Franklin says:

    It’s just too easy to say something like “inflation is spiraling out of control.”

  17. aFloridian says:

    That was a rare laugh-out-loud moment for me…

    I imagine he will change it, as other comments have said, but boy…that would be something.

  18. Beach Master says:

    Obama is loopy and a much over rated intellect so maybe this poor guy is illiterate. We do have one of the dumbest and most addle minded cabinet and White House in history, and that includes Bush 43.

  19. Beach Master says:

    LOL, maybe he can borrow Obama’s auto signature. Obama and crew make Dan Quayle and Bush 43 look like geniuses.

  20. Janis Gore says:

    Conservatives just aren’t very funny, are they?

  21. Jeremy says:

    This guy is loopy. No, seriously.

  22. dufus says:

    I guess I wouldn’t have posted at all except for the ridiculousness of the fact that in America people can actually comment on a signature and read a persons whole life and intent on that signature.
    That is the true sickness in America. US!