Jim DeMint: Gays And Unmarried Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Be Teachers

Just in case there was any doubt that the wacky social conservative wing of the GOP had gone away in the wake of the Tea Party Movement, consider these words from South Carolina’s Jim DeMint:

Sen. Jim DeMint told a crowd of supporters Friday evening that he will continue to recruit like-minded Conservatives across the nation to run for Congress and pastors to join the fight to “take our country back.”


DeMint said if someone is openly homosexual, they shouldn’t be teaching in the classroom and he holds the same position on an unmarried woman who’s sleeping with her boyfriend — she shouldn’t be in the classroom

This from the man who some want to replace Mitch McConnell as Senate Republican Leader.

DeMint’s spokesperson says that the Senator believes teacher hiring should be a local, not a Federal issue, which is fine. However, the fact that he considers it acceptable to bar gays and single women from being teachers strikes me as being an indication of just how far right he really is.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. reid says:

    In DeMint’s defense, yes, gays and young hussies must be shunned, but I’m sure he’d be fine with matronly, Aunt Bea-type single ladies being teachers.

    By the way, your first sentence seems like it’s completely out of left field. Are there people (you?) who think the tea party isn’t mostly made up of social conservatives? For every Rand Paul you probably have ten Angles and O’Donnells. The socon arm of the right is stronger than ever in the GOP and TP.

  2. Brummagem Joe says:

    But Doug, De Mint is your blood brother in the campaign to return the country to benefits of Republican rule. You never seem able to make this connection.

  3. anjin-san says:

    Funny how “conservative” want the government off our backs, except for the people they don’t like. Then they are ready to pass out jackboots to the bureaucrats.

    Also funny how bright, reasonable guys like Doug and James are still playing in the same sandbox as idiots like DeMint and nut jobs like Palin and O’Donnell.

  4. MG says:

    DeMint is demented.

  5. This is what Ronald Reagan, then former Governor of California, said in 1978 about the proposed Proposition 6 (aka the Briggs Initiative), which would have banned gays from serving as teachers in the state:

    “Whatever else it is, homosexuality is not a contagious disease like the measles. Prevailing scientific opinion is that an individual’s sexuality is determined at a very early age and that a child’s teachers do not really influence this.”

    I thought the GOP was trying to be more like Reagan?

  6. anjin-san says:

    Reagan was a pretty admirable guy on a number of levels. Reagan would have no use for the mean spirited boobs who run today’s GOP.

  7. legion says:

    I triple-dog dare anyone from the media to actually ask DeMint what he thinks about single male teachers who are sleeping with their girlfriends…

  8. JK says:

    What about single men and lesbian women?

    Of course DeMint’s demands are abominable. Gays and single women clearly should not be banned from the classrooms. But what outrages me even more is the sexual bias.

  9. James Joyner says:

    The single women thing is especially bizarre. For most of our history, that’s who teachers were. Our brightest women taught school or went into nursing and then mostly retired once they found a husband — certainly, upon having kids.

  10. MarkedMan says:

    James, he didn’t say “single women”, rather he said something like “unmarried women who are sleeping with their boyfriends.” (Not an exact quote.)

    You know, when is the vast majority of this country going to quit rolling over for the minority who feel that sex before marriage is wrong? I don’t think it’s wrong and I don’t think most Americans do. When my kids are old enough to get married I certainly don’t want them to find out they are sexually incompatible with their partners on their wedding night. If Jim DeMint and the rest of the right wingers think that’s immoral, they should be challenged. The idea that the US government should be spending one thin dime to teach “abstinence” pre-supposes that the vast majority of Americans believe it is the best way to live your life. It’s hard enough to instill the values of modesty, respect of self and respect of others in your kids without the American Taliban having the government subsidize their belief that if you’re not a virgin you’re a whore.

  11. DC Loser says:

    James and Doug – Yeah, just keep telling us what an abomination he is and continue to vote to bring his ilk back into the majority.

  12. I’m not sure what you’re talking about DC Loser, I’m not a social conservative and neither is every other Republican out there.

  13. Herb says:

    “I’m not sure what you’re talking about DC Loser, I’m not a social conservative and neither is every other Republican out there.”

    Fair enough. But here’s a hypothetical question for you: If given the choice between a conservative who breathes fire over gay issues and a liberal who doesn’t, who would you pick?

    A lot of non-“social conservative” conservatives are faced with this same dilemma, and they rarely pick the liberal. “Yeah, I don’t like the fact that Candidate X is anti-gay, but he/she really has the right ideas on tax policy, so oh well…”

    The result: People who don’t support the Republicans’ anti-gay agenda….end up supporting the Republicans’ anti-gay agenda.

  14. G.A.Phillips says:

    ***People who don’t support the Republicans’ anti-gay agenda….end up supporting the Republicans’ anti-gay agenda.***

    lol, Anti-gay agenda? As opposed to a pro-gay agenda?

    What does it mean to be an openly gay teacher? I would rather not have any kind of clue to what kind of sex a teacher enjoys.

    The statement by DeMint is very stupid anyway you look at it.

    As for single girls, why the hell would you know if she sleeps with her boyfriend or not or if she even has one?

  15. the Q says:

    Here’s, I hope, a future dilemma for JIm DeIdiot….he gets a brain tumor and needs surgery.

    He has a choice of options, Dr. A who cures 99% of his patients or Dr. B who has a success rate of 80%.

    DeMint goes with Dr. A, but then is told he cheats on his wife and is a communist.

    Does he then go with Dr. B, a christian married conservative?

    How silly this country is fast becoming.