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Jolene Blalock “On Top” of Things in February’s Playboy, Frank Talk From ‘T’Pol’ (

Photo: Star Trek Jolene Blalock February 2005 issue of Playboy magazine.STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE’s Jolene Blalock graces the pages of February’s Playboy Magazine, on sale this Friday. The sexy TREK star offers her frank views on the future of the prequel series and matters both sexual and mundane in excerpts from her 20Q interview, provided by the mag:

“Yeah, this is probably our last season,” says Blalock. “I would rather go out now than slowly go down with a sinking ship. Ironically, this year is going to be our best.”

On what her ultimate love scene would be like: “It would have to be a psychological thriller with Gary Oldman. The female would be the unwitting victim, much like the kind Michelle Pfeiffer usually plays. Oldman would play the guy you don’t want to like but do anyway.”

On what Spock and T’Pol would be like in bed: “Vulcans are really freaky nasty. You would never know it. You’d think it would go total missionary. But no, we are freaky nasty, dirty nasty and yeah, funky.”

On what she does with used Vulcan ears: “Not until this year did I realize, Hey, these ears are like a pair of shoes. Now I’ve started to collect them. It’s kind of gross what they turn into because they’re meant for only one day’s use. The foam they’re made of doesn’t preserve well.”

On the women in California: “There could be fewer hos. I mean, we have beautiful girls, but man, they’re hos. I don’t get it. They go down to Tijuana, and only hos go there.”

On who has overdone it with plastic surgery in Hollywood: ” Farrah Fawcett overdid it. Why can she only move one side of her face? Whenever she smiles, she turns in complete profile to the side that can smile. I don’t understand that. Peter Jackson, the director of Lord of the Rings, needs more. He is such a scruffy guy. He just does not care.”

You can read more from Jolene at Playboy’s website.

Entirely safe-for-work, so long as you stay on that page. She’s right about the show: this is easily its best season. It’s a shame that it hasn’t caught on. It’s certainly a better show than Voyager was in its early years.

As to the rest, it’s probably more information of Vulcan culture than we needed.

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  1. I take she is trying to avoid type casting?

  2. Make that “I take it”–I hit the wrong button.

  3. McGehee says:

    She’s right about the show: this is easily its best season.

    And I’ve only caught maybe half the episodes. Maybe I do need TiVo.

  4. Jay says:

    It’s downright amazing this season. I’ve liked some of it before this, and they managed last season to break free of their rut in large part, but too late.

    They needed to be almost this good right out of the gate and get a reputation as being in the spirit of the original series. Instead they got a negative reputation that, fairly or not, became too entrenched and influenced too many viewing habits to shake.

  5. Kent says:

    It’s certainly a better show than Voyager was in its early years.

    Damning with faint praise. Voyager destroyed any interest I still had in the Star Trek franchise.