Kenneth Starr Charged in Ponzi Scheme!!!

At 3:08 yesterday afternoon, The Atlantic‘s Daniel Indiviglio posted a piece titled “Kenneth Starr Charged With Running $30 Million Ponzi Scheme” and with the lede,

Somewhere, Bill Clinton is smiling. One-time special prosecutor who uncovered the dirty details of the former President’s affair with intern Monica Lewinsky has been engaged in some bad behavior of his own, according to the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission.

At ~3:18, he posted a correction:

Apparently there are two famous Kenneth Starrs. The one charged is an investment advisor to the stars, but not the former special prosecutor. Apologies to Bill Clinton if we got his hopes up — and to the other Kenneth Starr.

I’m not sure whether this means bloggers should wait 10 minutes longer before posting wild stories, Kenneth Starr (not the one charged with massive crimes, but the other one) has a hell of a reputation management system, or what.

But it must mean something.

Image: Beau Bo D’Or

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  1. I think it means Daniel Indiviglio saw the name “Kenneth Starr” and didn’t really bother to read any further

  2. Juneau: says:

    The customary level of fact-checking conducted by lefty bloggers before stating “facts”…

  3. The Q says:

    ….is exactly the same as most right wing loons who frequently comment on these pages.

  4. Juneau: says:

    .is exactly the same as most right wing loons who frequently comment on these pages.

    As per usual, the height of critical thinking from the left expressing itself in name-calling and hit and run comments. I know that extended discourse always results in someone eating your lunch with actual facts, but you may want to try getting at least one post in without resorting to grade-school level insults.

    If I’m a right wing loon, then you’re a lefty communist racist. There, that accomplished a lot. didn’t it?