The Florida Fantasy Meets Hard Reality

How a hideous, diabolical, pestilential, God-abandoned hellhole became our 3rd largest state.

Morley Safer, Legendary 60 Minutes Correspondent, Dies At 84

A journalistic legend has passed away just days after his retirement was officially announced.

Romney Plays It Safe In Ohio On Public Union Ballot Issue, But Is It Too Safe?

Mitt Romney played it safe on a controversial issue again.

Obama Scraps Long-Term Health Coverage Before It Starts

One of the less ballyhooed parts of ObamaCare has been tossed aside as too expensive before it even went into effect.

Rick Perry’s Bad Rollout

The first two months of Rick Perry’s campaign are a good example of why it helps to start a Presidential campaign early.

Rick Perry Walks Back Social Security Rhetoric

In five days, Rick Perry has gone from calling Social Security a “monstrous lie” to saying we need to have a conversation about fixing it.

The Politics of Social Security and the Problem with Perry’s Approach

Asserting the Social Security needs reform is one thing. Asserting its failure is another.

Is Social Security A Ponzi Scheme?

Whether it’s a “Ponzi Scheme” or not, Social Security has serious systemic problems that must be addressed.

Rick Perry And The Third Rail of American Politics

Rick Perry took a stroll down the third rail of American politics last night.

Reagan Library Debate Winners And Losers

There were eight people on the stage last night, but the GOP field has narrowed significantly.

Republican Debate: Romney Perry Fight Dominates Conversation

Last night’s GOP debate was a two-man affair.

Past Comments On Social Security Could Pose Problems For Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s big mistake may have been putting his opinions about Social Security on paper.

Will Obama’s Perceived Weakness Cause Republicans To Overreach?

Assuming that the President is easy to beat could cause Republicans to move too far to the right.

Do Conservatives Get a Pass?

How would a Democrat-equivalent of Rick Perry be received?

Rick Perry: Social Security Is “A Monstrous Lie”

Rick Perry placed his cowboy boots firmly on the third rail of American politics.

Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme

Social Security is like a Ponzi scheme in one way but not in other, more important ones.

Civility to Republicans’ Advantage?

Now that Republicans have the House, wouldn’t they be better off playing nice?

Beltway Traffic Jam