Levi Johnson Running For Mayor of Wasilla

Via VarietyLevi’s on the stump

Johnston will run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska — yes, the same job that propelled Sarah Palin to governor of that state (and later, the vice presidential nomination) — in a new reality project being pitched by Stone and Co.

Aren’t his fifteen minutes up yet? I mean, really, the whole pursuit of fame thing was ridiculous some time back (for example) and we have passed well into the absurd stage at this point.

h/t:  The Political Wire.

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  1. sam says:

    But Steve, he’s got a full-time celebrity, half-governor, almost mother-in-law x 2 propelling all this. Besides, the next Twilight sequel, prequel, quadreul. whatever, is sometime off.

  2. john personna says:

    I did read that sci-fi short story (mentioned it here, forget the name now) about how the US fell to an inability to distinguish between politics and entertainment.  We aren’t there yet, but it’s early.
    Flipping channels I did see Kathy Griffith doing embarrassing jokes with Levi.  Too much low humor for me and I flipped on, but in those short moments Kathy made Levi look mature and reserved.