The GOP Isn’t Dead. It’s Resting.

The GOP, alas, is not going anywhere.

Sarah Palin: Now That I Think About It, Katie Couric’s Questions Were Fair After All

Sarah Palin To The ‘Lamestream Media’: Never Mind

Ben Carson, Political Ignoramus

While a brilliant and accomplished man, he’s absolutely clueless about politics and world affairs.

Presidential Experience Redux

Is Mitt Romney the least experienced major-party presidential nominee since1940?

Sarah Palin Is Not Running For President

Sarah Palin is out for 2012

Sarah Palin Thinks Being President Might Be Too “Shackley”

Sarah Palin apparently thinks having an actual job would be too confining.

Meghan McCain: Who Are You Calling a ‘Blue Blood’?

Meghan McCain doesn’t know what a “blue blood” is but doesn’t want to be called one.

The Palin Double Standard

It’s apparently legitimate to call Sarah Palin a liar without producing any evidence or bothering to check facts.

Headline of the Day – Levi Johnston Edition

Honors go to YahooNews and/or AP for “Levi Johnston wants to be mayor; has no platform.”

Allegations Of Murder Mar American Mission In Afghanistan

A US military platoon was apparently able to target innocent Afghans for murder. Without senior commanders suspecting a thing.

Koran Burning And Media Navel Gazing

The media is now starting to look at it’s own role in the whole Koran burning story, but the truth is that there really wasn’t any way they could’ve ignored the story.

Obama and Blagojevich