Lost in the Human Interest: the ‘TB Patient’

Does it look to you as though the larger issues were being lost in the story of the globe-hopping Atlanta lawyer infected with drug-resistant tuberculosis? The focus seems to be completely on the human interest aspect of the story but aren’t there other issues here? I certainly think so.

The first issue is that low-level government officials are making policy decisions that may affect your health and security. The second issue is that, from a contagion standpoint, it’s getting to be a more dangerous world and we’re not taking it particularly seriously.

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Dave Schuler
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  1. Bill Hartzer says:

    There are definitely some “large issues” being lost in this whole fiasco. It’s definitely a fiasco..how is it that we couldn’t track this guy down?

    And what about Andrew Speaker’s father in law? Is it such a coincidence that his father in law works for the CDC–in the TB section?