Mallard Fillmore Creator Charged with DUI

Bruce Tinsley, creator of the popular “Mallard Fillmore” comic strip, has been charged with DUI.

Photo Bruce Tinsley Mallard Filmore DUI Hoosier Edward Bruce Tinsley, creator of the conservative comic strip Mallard Fillmore, was arrested in Columbus on Dec. 4 and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence — his second alcohol-related arrest in less than four months, according to the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department. Tinsley, 48, Columbus, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.14 — almost twice the level at which a driver in Indiana is considered intoxicated, the Sheriff’s Department said. He posted $755 bond.

On Aug. 26, Tinsley was arrested on a charge of public intoxication, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

This comes hot on the heels on the controversy over Chris Muir’s Day By Day strip, popular within the conservative blogosphere, getting racier with his depiction of the strip’s female characters. Yesterday’s entry, in which “Chris depicted the 40ish female character Sam in nothing but a thong and a come-hither look,” apparently created a flood of emails to Ed Morrissey.

Day By Day Character in Thong

Soon, there won’t be a comic fit for a decent conservative to read!

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James Joyner
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  1. chris muir says:

    Let me ask the boss if this bothers him…

    He says no.

  2. James Joyner says:


  3. Fersboo says:

    Conservatives are going to stop enjoying Mallard Fillmore because the creator/artist has two alcohol-related arrests in the past 4 months? Oh, those ‘conservatives’! God-forbid anyone have principles based on morals (not that I find either offensive) and God-forbid that those with them can’t have a sense of humor.

  4. Timmer says:

    DUI equals T’n’A?

    In what sick, twisted…oh, wait…nevermind.

    Me? I’ll keep reading Muir because he makes me laugh.

    What’s scarey to me is that I’m sure more folks were offended by Sam’s bodacious cartoon butt than they were about the DUI thing.

  5. James Joyner says:

    Timmer: I’m not suggesting that the two are comparable, just that they are both undergoing controversy.

    Fersboo: I’m not a fan of getting blotto and driving, although I wouldn’t stop reading a comic strip over it. I find the controversy over Sam’s cartoon buttocks rather amusing, frankly.

  6. Triumph says:

    I am not sure why people are getting so worked up about a know-nothing like Millard Fillmore. He’s been out of politics for, like, 150 years!

  7. Cernig says:

    Heh, storms in teacups.

    I personally figure Tinsley needs help for what seems to me to be an addiction to booze. Twice in four months is once too often. He should lose his license to drive too.

    But there’s no connect bewteen that and his cartoons that I can see, unless sometime he drew one that panned someone else for DUI.

    As for Chris’s work – as a euro-lefty I love it even when I hate the barbs he imbeds in those toons of his. Unlike Tinsley, he doesn’t bludgeon – his wit is a stilleto style that demands I think. Any Aunt Nllie getting worked up over utterly softcore cartoon T & A tamer than the average shower-soap ad on FOX needs to put on their big-girl panties and deal with their own sorry little minds first, IMHO.

    Regards, C

  8. Wickedpinto says:

    I’d so hit it!!

    in fact, in my mind? I already have. Several times.

    I mean really who wouldn’t?

    “Whats my name zed?”