Mel Gibson Charged with DUI

No great surprise here: Mel Gibson has been charged with misdemeanor DUI.

Actor-director Mel Gibson was charged Wednesday with driving last week under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said. Gibson, 50, was charged with one count each of driving under the influence and driving while having a 0.08 percent or higher blood alcohol content, said Deputy District Attorney Ralph Shapiro, the deputy in charge of the Malibu office. In addition, Gibson was charged with driving with an open container of alcohol, a vehicle code infraction.

Considering that he’s already publically apologized for this, a Not Guilty plea will be difficult to enter. My guess is that he takes his lumps.

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  1. There is always the “No contest” plea bargain approach. But I agree that this would not be a strong case to have as a lawyer.

    It reminds me a bit about what one of my law prof’s said. When you have the law on your side, pound the law. When you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. And if you don’t have the law or the facts on your side, pound the table.