Meryl Yourish asks an interesting question with an amusing corollary:

If Ann Coulter looked like Janet Reno, would anybody outside her immediate friends and family even know she existed?

Corollary to that: How on earth can you guys think she’s hot? She’s not hot! She’s not even lukewarm. What, does the blonde hair immediately kick in the testosterone and produce the six-beer image that even Sullivan gets when he looks at her?


Clearly, Coulter’s looks have garnered her a lot of attention. Indeed, it strikes me that most female pundits are above-average in physical attractiveness. (Molly Ivins being the most notable exception that comes to mind.) Still, Coulter is a pretty clever writer. Unfortunately, she seems to have gone off the intellectual deep end and donned a tin foil hat immediately after 9/11.

But, alas, I must confess I find Coulter at least moderately hot, although not as much as, say, Laura Ingraham, who comes with the added benefit of not being insane.

I hereby challenge Meryl to post comparative photographs so that we can judge the relative hotness of Coulter vs. Yourish.

(Hat tip: Matthew of Fearful Symmetry)

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James Joyner
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  1. joy says:

    Wow, Joyner, you really know how to compliment the ladies. “The added benefit of not being insane”, that’s a new one, for sure.

    I’m so sorry, I’m laughing really hard.

  2. Paul says:

    He does hit a few home runs… The one that made me choke on my cola was…

    But the things that make the Roman church unique aren’t really doctrinal but rather organizational: the belief in apostolic succession and an infallible papacy. Otherwise, they’re just Lutherans with a more impressive art collection.

    He had one a few days ago too in the same league.

  3. Paul says:

    OH I found it….

    E. J. Dionne thinks Dean is the model of the modern major Democrat, with information vegetable, animal, and mineral.

    I’d make a witty remark about his knowledge of show tunes but I got the joke so….

  4. James Joyner says:

    Heh. I must confess, I had to Google the precise lyrics. And, hey, Data sang that one Star Trek: Insurrection, making it guy-safe. 😉

  5. jen says:

    And, hey, Data sang that one Star Trek: Insurrection, making it guy-safe.

    Sure, but not geek safe. 😉

  6. craig henry says:

    Yeah, but if Reno had looked like Ashcroft she never would have been able to cling to office for eight years.

    And i think Coulter is better than lukewarm. Not smokin’ hot, but still good looking.

  7. Rodney Dill says:

    Coulter is generally good looking, the long blonde hair doesn’t hurt, but I think she also has an almost masculine look to her.

    Good Looks is still the one unexploited bias that is largely overlooked by special interest groups. People that are perceived to “look good” usually do better overall, everywhere.

    I still think that Bill Clinton’s looks and charisma helped people, (largely women, but men as well) to let him off the hook mentally for his numerous affairs. If Clinton had looked like Henry Hyde, they would have assumed the inappropriate sexual behavior in a workplace to be forced.

    I most like Coulter because she offsets all the liberal crap, from Dowd, Bill Press, and others. Liberals can’t seem to stand that someone that proclaims to be a conversative is as good at the slamming game as they are.

  8. jen says:

    Definitely off topic – This gal does not think Bill Clinton is good looking.

  9. Matthew says:

    Is Ann Coulter better-looking than Democratic talking heads like Ann Lewis (Barney Frank’s sister) and Eleanor Clift? Absolutely. But is she a babe? No.

    Perhaps my Southern college town roots are showing, but she’s barely average as far as blondes go. Laura Ingraham is slightly better, and the “not-insane” part is definitely a plus.

    Me, I think Michelle Malkin might be the best-looking of the right-wing pundettes at the moment — who needs blondes?

  10. John Lemon says:

    She is a babe because she is so shrill. Come on guys…use your immaginations. Geesh. Leave it to bloggers to overanalyze everything and spoil a political wet dream.

  11. Not to get down in the gutter, but to get down in the gutter, we all know Coulter’s a screamer. If I were Matt Drudge I’d hope she keep her fingernails well trimmed.

  12. CGHill says:

    As one of the persons who precipitated the absurd Coulter vs. Couric From Here Down contest back in the Pleistocene era (Susanna Cornett, hotter than either in my opinion, counted the ballots), I have more than a passing interest in this issue.

    And my conclusion? Just to look at, it’s a wash. The moment either one of them opens her mouth, Meryl wins.