More Debt Kamikazes: Representatives Crawford and Brooks

Via WaPoGOP dissent complicates path to resolving debt-ceiling crisis

[Representative Eric] Crawford [R-AR], a freshman legislator, said that the president could cope with a full stop on U.S. borrowing by using incoming tax revenue to pay for the services he thinks are essential — soldiers, Medicare and Social Security, and interest on existing debt.

That approach, outside experts have said, might mean the government wouldn’t be able to afford the FBI, veterans’ benefits or other federal services.

That’s all right with Crawford.

“That wouldn’t work for just a few days. That would work for a few years,” said Crawford, who added that he would agree to raising the debt limit only if such a bill included major changes in federal budget priorities. Budget deficits, he said, require “that we take some painful measures now. I’d rather swallow that bitter pill today.”

Then there’s Mo Brooks (R-AL), another freshman:

“There should be no default on August 2,” Brooks said. “In fact, our credit rating should be improved by not raising the debt ceiling.”

(Emphasis mine.)

I guess Moody’s is just messin’ with us…

At least there is some sanity in the House GOP caucus:

Rep. Thomas J. Rooney (R-Fla.) said he has urged other legislators to think of the broader consequences for the economy. “We were elected, I think, to make sure that stuff like August 3rd doesn’t happen,” he said Thursday.

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  1. WR says:

    First thing the government should stop paying is legislative salaries. Of course, most of the Tea Partiers are on Dick Armey’s payroll, so they won’ t miss a meal…

  2. NoZe says:

    You would think that Member of Congress in general, and this Congress in particular, would want to avoid ceding legislative authority to the executive branch. And yet here we have Tea Partiers proposing that the President decide for himself which which allocated budget items to spend money on and which to ignore…

    Wasn’t Congress up in arms back in the 1970s when President Nixon claimed the right to impound funds allocated by Congress? Now at least some in Congress want to give the president that authority without a fight!