More Drug War Success: Cannabis in the UK

(And yes, the title is meant to be ironic).

Via the BBC:  Cannabis farms: 21 found each day, police chiefs say

An average of more than 21 cannabis factories were found daily in Britain last year, police chiefs say.


The number of farms discovered increased to 7,865, more than doubling in four years.


It estimates that the number of recorded cannabis production offences in the period from April 2011 to March 2012 will rise to 16,464, up from 14,982 in 2010-11.

In the last two years, police forces have seized 1.1 million cannabis plants.

Whatever else this means, it certainly seems to underscore that interdiction isn’t working too well.

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  1. Michael Robinson says:

    And hemp farms, too:

    Great stuff, that Good Oil. Mmmm.