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One of the last videos the married couple posted on their now deleted YouTube channel was about how they wouldn’t get the vaccine.


“I’ve got my own passport. It’s called the ‘Bill of Rights,'” Dusty said in the video around the 41:30 mark. “I think this will be all behind us in a couple of years.”

Dusty later spelled out the word vaccine and said that it was actually a form of immunity therapy they were giving people.

Last year, Loomer expressed a wish that she could catch COVID to show everyone that it was no big deal. She wrote on Parler in December 2020: “I hope I get COVID just so I can prove to people I’ve had bouts of food poisoning that are more serious and life threatening than a hyped up virus. Have you ever eaten bad fajitas? That will kill you faster than COVID.”

However, in follow-up messages on her Telegram channel late Thursday, she made it clear that she was suffering severe symptoms. “Just pray for me please,” she wrote. “Can’t even begin to explain how brutal the body aches and nausea that come with COVID are. I am in so much pain.”

Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow who is Trump’s main attack dog in the former president’s battle contending the 2020 presidential election was stolen, is going to comb through the list of Alabama voters to determine whether the state has any ineligible people on it, including deceased residents.

Merrill said he doesn’t expect Lindell to find evidence that Alabama’s voter list, which is available for purchase by anyone, is tainted.

It is truly remarkable that a man whose main business if selling pillows on cable TV, and whose main claim to fame is overcoming drug addiction, is touring the country like some sort of expert on electoral fraud. It is also a poor commentary on the state of Republican politics that he has enough way to meet with the Attorney General and Governor of any state.

It appears that the bridge too far for Fox News was when Giuliani landed the channel in legal trouble. While working as Trump’s lawyer to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, Giuliani pushed debunked claims about Dominion Voting Systems, accusing the company of being part of a broader effort to rig the election in Joe Biden’s favor. Trump’s legal team pushed claims that Dominion had ties to liberal mega-donors, as well as to communists in Venezuela. (These claims that already been debunked internally by the Trump campaign itself at the time that the legal team was making them.)

Dominion did not take kindly to these claims and is suing Giuliani for making them. But the company has also hit Fox News with a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit. Politico notes that senior Trump aides have also had difficulty landing appearances on the network, as has Bernie Kerik, Giuliani’s former police commissioner. “I think this was another demonstration of Fox’s cowering to the far left,” he told Politico of the network’s decision to exclude Giuliani from its 9/11 coverage.

“Now that I think of it … I am ashamed,” read the subject line of a 2005 email Mr. Cuomo wrote me, one hour after he sexually harassed me at a going-away party for an ABC colleague. At the time, I was the executive producer of an ABC entertainment special, but I was Mr. Cuomo’s executive producer at “Primetime Live” just before that. I was at the party with my husband, who sat behind me on an ottoman sipping his Diet Coke as I spoke with work friends. When Mr. Cuomo entered the Upper West Side bar, he walked toward me and greeted me with a strong bear hug while lowering one hand to firmly grab and squeeze the cheek of my buttock.

“I can do this now that you’re no longer my boss,” he said to me with a kind of cocky arrogance. “No you can’t,” I said, pushing him off me at the chest while stepping back, revealing my husband, who had seen the entire episode at close range. We quickly left.

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  1. flat earth luddite says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    For me, some of these meet with a “What else can you expect, eh? shrug”
    Cuomo, otoh, fed my “Judas Iscariot on Roller Skates” spewing of my coffee across the patio. And dammit, it was a GOOD cuppa joe! Personally, manners be damned, she shoulda punted his testes into his abdominal cavity.

  2. just nutha says:

    Dusty later spelled out the word vaccine and said that it was actually a form of immunity therapy they were giving people.

    Umm, yeah. What’s the problem with that? (I was sooooooo hoping that going to the article would explain why immunity therapy was bad or unnecessary. Now I’ll never know. 🙁 )

    Will Laura Loomer be hosting an episode of “Be Careful What You Wish For” anytime soon?

  3. flat earth luddite says:

    @just nutha:
    Or would that be “Laura LOON[er]? Sorry, but when I hear her I frequently hear the demented cackle of a loon on the far shore…

  4. just nutha says:

    @flat earth luddite: Yeah, but it at least explains how it is that Chris wasn’t particularly embarrassed/outraged at his brother’s antics in Albany. Maybe that thing about Italians being pigs is true after all.

  5. Kathy says:

    @just nutha:

    It’s too bad we can’t contribute COVID vaccines to their funeral GoFundMe campaign.

  6. Sleeping Dog says:

    “I think this will be all behind us in a couple of years.”

    Dusty was right, but not in the anticipated manner.

    Yeah, Laura LOONer begging for prayers does break my schadenfreude. Expect her to be back claiming that Covid is nothing if she recovers.

  7. Jay L Gischer says:

    Mike Lindell continues to amaze. He’s investigating Alabama? My recollection is that Alabama went for Trump. It’s kind of like that joke about the drunk looking for the keys under his lamppost because that’s where the light is.

    Alabama, is, of course, happy to indulge Mike Lindell. In a way that, for instance, California is not. Not that there was any more doubt about CA’s vote than AL’s.

    My dad used to say, “give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself” about this sort of thing. Well, maybe the updated version for Mike Lindell will be “give a man enough rope and people will get really bored of watching him examine rope with a microscope and pronouncing, “Yep, it’s rope!”

  8. flat earth luddite says:

    @just nutha:
    Dammit, that’s TWO cups of coffee I’ve spewed across the room today, guys! Now cut that out!!!

    Although if that’s the case, Cracker, you must be the exception to the rule.

  9. Just nutha ignint cracker says:

    @flat earth luddite: That might depend on who you asked. 😛