Most Linked Blogs – September 2000

Beebo goes back to his archives and lists the fifty most linked blogs from September 2000. Here are the top ten:

1. (44 links)
2. (42)
3. (40)
4. (39)
5. (37)
6. (35)
7. (35)
8. (28)
9. (27)
10. (26)

Note that the #1 blog only had 44 links! Number #50 only had ten. Compare that to now:

In the TTLB Ecosystem, the #1 site ( has 4825 links #50 site (Ace of Spades HQ) has 1038–and those numbers are adjusted downward substantially by Bear’s metrics and include only sites added to the system.

Or, look at Technorati‘s list.

1. Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things (66,270 links from 20,230 sites)
2. Engadget (64,145 links from 15,701 sites)
3. PostSecret (8,630 links from 12,061 sites)
4.tiziano’s space (11,452 links from 11,452 sites)
5.Daily Kos: State of the Nation (46,110 links from 10,233 sites)
6.The Huffington Post (39,101 links from 8,293 sites)
7.Official Google Blog (17,974 links from 7,755 sites)
8.Thought Mechanics (8,546 links from 7,404 sites)
9.Blog di Beppe Grillo (18,772 links from 6,934 sites)
10.Michelle Malkin (41,678 links from 6,842 sites)

Most significantly, he notes that “Many of the blogs popular back then are still pretty popular today, though not to the same extent” and that “There are no political blogs on the list—they hadn’t been invented yet.” That had changed radically even by the time I started blogging in January 2003.

Hat tip: Don Surber

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