Movable Type 3.0

Of interest only to other bloggers: Jay Allen is very excited about Movable Type 3.0, although it’s a mixed blessing for him.

With the TypeKey authentication services and other great features of MT 3.0, it looks like there will no longer be a need for MT-Blacklist̢۪s continued development. This is only bad news in the sense that I never was able to reach my goals with the program with regard to P2P connectivity between blacklists. In general, however, this is fabulous news for the community because the biggest negative aspect of a blacklist is that it requires maintenance. MT 3.0̢۪s new features do not.

Good news indeed.

Via Jeff Jarvis

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  1. Myria says:

    Good news indeed? I’d have to beg to differ. I, for one, will most certainly not be using TypeKey and I hope Mr. Allen, as he hinted he might in comments if there’s enough interest, does decide to continue MT-Blacklist development.