Not All The Tea Party Leaders Are Behind Christine O’Donnell

Further evidence that the Castle-O’Donnell race in Delaware has been more divisive within the GOP and the conservative movement than any other primary this year.

Politico’s Ken Vogel reports via Twitter that both Dick Armey and Freedomworks head Matt Kibbe, who have been at the forefront of the Tea Party Movement from the beginning, are declining to endorse Christine O’Donnell.

On Armey:

At breakfast with reporters, #teaparty leader Dick Armey declines to endorse Christine O’Donnell in DE Senate race

And on Kibbe:

@FreedomWorks Prez Matt Kibbe on DE Sen. Race: “We’ve stayed out of that race b/c we’re not convinced that Christine O’Donnell can win.”

Armey and Kibbe are conservatives for sure, but they also want to win.

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