Now You Can Drunk Dial Congress

Drunk Dial Congress

An idea whose time has come:

As Week 2 of the government shutdown continues, new websites have begun popping up to give furloughed workers and frustrated Americans alike an outlet to express their anger.

Especially after they’ve knocked back a couple. connects the disgruntled to the House of Representatives. You can enter your phone number into the website and an inebriated voice from a 1-800 number will call you back and ask, “Is this government shutdown making you want to drink?” before transferring to Capitol Hill so that you can “tell them what’s on your mind and tell them to get back to work.”

The site, created by the liberal mobile ad firm, Revolution Messaging, offers talking points like “I can’t watch the panda!” or “Why don’t you make yourself useful and at least mow the lawn?”

For those who need help selecting their form of liquid courage, there are also recipes for drinks like “the bad representative” (three parts liquor, one part lemon juice).

Need something stronger? There’s “the sleepy senator” for those with absinthe lying around.

Before you get your drunk dial on, there’s also f—, which offers a slew of facts regarding those who have been affected by the shutdown, such as “The National Institutes of Health is closed, but all they do is admit kids with cancer into clinical trials to try and save them. So sure, keep holding out Congress. It’s worth it. Also, f— you.”

The co-creators of that site are a trio of liberal and government watchdog groups — Common Cause, The Sunlight Foundation and RootStrikers. They offered this explanation for why they created it:

“Due to an unprecedented lack of public confidence in the U.S. Congress, we sadly found it necessary to purchase and populate this domain,” the organizations wrote. “Right now, a few Republicans are willing to hurt millions of lives and risk the world economy while others in office pretend they are powerless. F—ing enough already.”

And these new outlets may be just what the doctor ordered for ticked-off constituents.

And you can do all of this without actually drinking.

But what would be fun about that?

If you’re so inclined, though, drunk dial away.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Thanx Doug. Just what we need.

  2. Rob in CT says:

    “Call and yell at a random member of Congress.”

    More like: call and yell at some poor congressional staffer, but yeah, I guess, ok. Better yet call them stone cold sober, register your dissatisfaction politely, and move on. Or send in an email (again, calm & polite).

  3. Ron Beasley says:

    Except for a couple of hours in the morning drunk dialing is the only dialing I ever do in the last few weeks.

  4. al-Ameda says:


  5. RGardner says:

    There was no need to censor a URL [done by ABC News, not Doug].

    BTW, I’ve had drinks with my now-former Congressman (retired last session after 36 years) – We just happened to be in the same place at the same time a couple of times. He didn’t know me though I’d been in his DC office a few times (With my boss, I was on the side) when I worked in DC.

  6. ks says:

    Good morning for SOME,

    This is ridiculous, Wake up and do your jobs you were hired for. If I worked like you at where I work I would be FIRED! At one of my jobs that I had working for the public, I HAD to STAY on the job there and worked till the job was totally finished. We should change the law, if you don’t get the job completed NONE of you get a pay check, then maybe you’ll find out how it really feels not getting a pay check. Oh ya you’re a politician you do what you want when you want. Most of you already have another job or own your own company this is why you CAN AFFORD to be in POLITICS. Maybe what should be passed into law is if you want to be in politics you should not have another job or own another business. There is a BIG need to change the present law that you in politics keep getting paid for doing nothing. The reason people like myself can NOT be in politics is I am not rich, I work for my paycheck, but at least when I get my pay check feel good about what I have ACCOMPLISHD. YA YA YA I know what your going to say, YOU work hard for your pay too, BUT why do you still get paid for not getting the job DONE?
    Maybe we as the people should take away your retirement and have you pay for you medical and get rid of your vacation days. By this is to make sure WE the VOTERS VOTE YOU ALL OUT OF OFFICE.

    MOST of YOU IN office are not doing your job. If so why did we get to this point to begin with?? And you still have a JOB???

    SIGNED can’t wait to see new people in your positions!

  7. john personna says:

    Via Twitter:

    Stats: 321,109 unique visitors to and 33,953 calls made yesterday alone