Obama’s Cabinet Meetings

My friend Winfield Peterson noted that for the first couple of Cabinet meetings, Obama might have to fight hard to not mention this exchange from the campaign:

Somehow, though, I think he’ll manage not to mention it. He’ll probably chuckle to himself every now and again, though.

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Alex Knapp
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  1. Wizbang says:

    Obama to Hillary- I look forward to you advising me…

    Set the wayback machine to some time before the Iowa caucus. The Dow was over 13,000 at the time. What slipped more, the stock market or gas prices since then?……

  2. Franklin says:

    Does Hillary say something before she starts cackling? I couldn’t hear it.

    But still, LOL at Obama’s line.

  3. bob in fla says:

    Franklin: As Obama begins to answer the question, Hillary begins to laugh & blurts out, “I wanna hear that!”, and ‘cackles’ louder. Obama’s further response was, of course, the game winner.

  4. Franklin says:

    Thank you, sir! My hearing is rather poor, so I really do appreciate the help.