OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

(AP Photo/Reno Gazette-Journal, Andy Barron)

Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. gimmeabreak says:

    While Eric Cantor assures Obama some common ground on the Jobs bill, Tea Party activists stand by the ready.

  2. Jay Tea says:

    “Typical Obama. He keeps saying ‘pass this bill’ over and over in his big speech, but he doesn’t even bother to write up a bill… what, it’s here? About damned time!”


  3. Montanareddog says:

    Kenyan anti-colonialist socialist jihadists admire the new statue of Barack Obama

  4. The gift, while appreciated by the crowd, raised some suspicions.

  5. Mr. Prosser says:

    The stoners gather around and sing “Oh, Tannenbaum”

  6. OzarkHillbilly says:

    George Papandreou takes a page from mythology to answer to the Greek debt crises: Only it is full of Swiss francs instead.

  7. OzarkHillbilly says:

    The Tea Party has a plan for the GOP convention next August….

  8. Ponies!

  9. Ah, the solution to the Greek financial troubles has arrived!

  10. Beware of geeks baring gifts.

  11. John425 says:

    Obama Administration rolls out the fabled Job Stimulus.

  12. Drew says:

    Incorporating design elements from the stealth bomber, the Taliban unveiled their latest weaponry.

  13. FormerHostage says:

    We couldn’t find a badger.

  14. rodney dill says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if it leaves tessellated road apples.

  15. rodney dill says:

    …’tis better to tessellate, than never.

  16. Question 4: How many triangles are there on this horse?

  17. We can only hope that all extant copies of Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man are ensconsed within this soon to be burnt totem.

  18. You can lead a horse to a place with no water but you can’t, um, ooo, shiny.

  19. The new stimulus plan is to create shovel ready jobs for the first stimulus plan.

  20. The tragic consequence of someone thinking the government’s job is to make everything equus.

  21. Dressage optional.

  22. I should have taken a left turn at Chincoteague.

  23. FormerHostage says:

    …AND the horse you rode in on!

  24. Tesselater? I hardly know her.

  25. mannning says:

    However mightily the Democrats try to alter their assinine image, it never quite looks, feels or sounds like the real thing.

  26. mannning says:

    A donkey in horse’s clothing?

  27. jd says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger shovel.

  28. I for one am happy to welcome our new equine overlords!

  29. Odysseus, peering through a seam in the horse, was astonished at how quickly the Trojans had disarmed themselves and started to celebrate their presumed “peace dividend.” Newly confident, he lay back and awaited for nightfall.

  30. mannning says:


  31. rodney dill says:

    In Detroit, even art is sometimes subject to the occasional drive by shooting.

  32. Upon seeing the horse, the Greeks thought it was a curious way for Angela Merkel to send the latest debt bailout payment, but they remembered the old Trojan proverb, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

    Some, though, were vaguely unsettled about it but couldn’t quite say why.

  33. “Homer.”



    “What? A gay horse?”

    “Well, looks at least metro to me.”

  34. Now that they successfully penetrated the Burning Man Festival, all that was left for the undercover narks to do was wait for nightfall to make their next move.

  35. “♪ One more time…I know I’m just feeling it now…music got me feeling so free…We’re gonna celebrate…Don’t stop the dancing…One more time ♪”

  36. Eric Florack says:

    Obama to Geithner: What if we were to build a large wooden Badger?

  37. Peterh says:

    The Rick Perry candidacy in a snapshot…..

  38. R. E. Davidson says:

    The original contract was to build a six-foot-tall horse but since the American taxpayers were paying for it…

  39. Burning Man Festival finally goes corporate; picks up ‘Trojan’ condoms sponsor.

  40. Not to be outdone by UCLA’s summer mercenary exchange program, USC sends in its iconic representative to carpe diem.

  41. John425 says:

    Slightly behind schedule–Solyndra Corp. executives unveil Thank You gift for Obama Adminstration officials who gave them a loan.