OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. I hope this doesn’t offend you, but you’re narrower than my wife, Michele!

  2. Jim Recznik says:

    I don’t know what you are thinking….I’m talking about a fish!

  3. Michele, I don’t know why you’re upset. I said you’re a 9-9-9!

  4. Maggie Mama says:

    It’s about this long so I don’t have to go chasin’ women; they come chasin’ me!

  5. Maggie Mama says:

    Michelle ponders: “Hmmm, I’ll need a snappy response to that. I’ve got it — It ain’t the size of your boat but the motion in ya ocean.”

  6. Vast Variety says:

    “My 9-9-9 plan will increase your taxes by this much.”

  7. rodney dill says:

    Honestly, I don’t know why she keeps saying, “Palomino,”

  8. MstrB says:

    No, thank you. Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben.

  9. OzarkHillbilly says:

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

  10. MstrB says:

    And now, for my next impression… Jesse Owens.

  11. ponce says:

    All I said to her was “Five Dollar Foot Long.”

  12. Moosebreath says:

    Saying “$5 footlongs” is not sexual harassment, Michelle.

  13. Moosebreath says:


    Great minds think alike, and clearly ours do, too.

  14. John Peabody says:

    The “Beavis & Butthead” side of OTB is once again on display.

  15. Moderate Mom says:

    Michelle writes down Herman’s number after he shows her how big it is. 9-9-9 indeed!

  16. ponce says:

    Great minds think alike, and clearly ours do, too.

    Hehe, we can split the prize money.

  17. rodney dill says:

    “Would I be willing to work under her as Vice President? Now what Kind of question is that?

  18. David says:

    I’m going to be a contender for this long.

  19. rodney dill says:

    got me the strangest woman
    believe me this trick’s no cinch
    but I really get her going
    when I whip out my big 10 inch

    record of a band that plays the blues

  20. Cain ogles the Fox. (note the background)

  21. Drew says:

    Take your time Michele, before you decide. Think about it long and hard – heh, well, so to speak – you wanna be my Vice President…..with benefits?

  22. Michele, I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I saw that picture of you with the corn dog. I think it was this long, right?

  23. @John Peabody: He he he, he said butt.

  24. Her man, Cain.

  25. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

  26. KRM says:

    Cain: “What I’m holding here in my hands, America, is the chance in Hell that either of us have to become President of the United States.”

    Bachman (scribbling): “He said H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICK again!!! :-(“

  27. PT says:

    I was there to match my intellect on national TV
    Against a plumber, and an architect, both with a PhD
    I was tense, I was nervous, I guess it just wasn’t my night
    Art Fleming gave the answers
    Oh, but I couldn’t get the questions right
    I lost on Jeopardy, baby….

  28. NickNot says:

    Michelle quickly scrolls: No Herman, 9-9-9 is NOT going to fix this shit.

  29. NickNot says:

    I call it “strength and clarity” and clearly China will have nukes in about this long.

  30. NickNot says:

    This right here is about how long I expect to be the front runner

  31. NickNot says:

    Fix the economy, hell, I sold pizzas this big for 9.99!

  32. NickNot says:

    Backmann quickly draws an exact representation of her breasts to see if she can throw Cain off during his response.

  33. NickNot says:

    I liiiiiike big butts and I can’t deny

  34. de stijl says:

    There once was a man from Nantucket
    Whose wife was as short as a bucket
    She didn’t have crazy-eyes
    But, man, she had lazy thighs
    Too torpid to kneel when she sucked it

  35. steve says:

    Cain- “All of those foreign leaders have names this long. How can you expect me to remember the name of the president of France.”

    Michelle-“If I just look down, maybe they won’t ask me any of those difficult foreign policy questions.”


  36. Peterh says:

    You know it’s a trend when Cain can’t help himself when making the comment on how apropos it is that Michele and Fox are so positioned…..

  37. Michael Hamm says:

    Republicans speak – confirmation that Fox lies again.

  38. Michael Hamm says:

    The evidence show that I am more black than Obama.

  39. “Again, I reiterate. I bet my right hand. That there’s no such thing as racism in America…Unless, of course, it’s coming from my left hand.”

  40. “Ooh, wee! What’s up with that?”

  41. Michele Tweets: “Ouch! For some unknown reason, my ass is sorer than usual this campaign season.”

  42. Michele Tweets: “Not sure how to take it…Herman just tried sizing me up to his wife again.”

  43. Michele Tweets: “Will never make another Anita Hill or Monica Lewinsky joke ever again.”

  44. Michele Tweets: “Ouch! For some unknown reason, my [BLEEP] is sorer than usual this campaign season.”

  45. Michele Tweets: “I don’t know. Even with the other candidates, media and 10 million people watching, I still don’t feel safe.”

  46. Herman Cain: “Once again, my opponent is comparing apples to oranges. Unsolicited sexual advances to sexual harassment.”

  47. Republican presidential candidates agree not to discuss the other elephant in the room.

  48. Herman Cain suggests the amount and size of a proper free speech zone that should have been allotted to protestors at the “Occupy Wall Street” site by the Supreme Court, if he were president.

  49. Gollum says:

    “What is va-va-VOOOM, Alex?”