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The There's an App For That Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The There’s an App For That Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


First: Debitking – Yep! That’s Weiner alright.

Second: Doug Mataconis“Mr. President, with our new app, you can launch a drone strike from your smartphone with the touch of a button”

Third(tie): markm – “With this app Mr. President, you can actually get current news of what is going on in your own administration……”

Third(tie): He who must not be named – We have so much in common, I used to do a lot of Mickey Mouse crap too.


Allan BourdiusAwww look! Chris Christie winning you a teddy bear is all over YouTube already!

stonetools – “If you want to launch a drone strike, there’s app for that.
If you want to eavesdrop on any American, there’s an app for that.
And if you want to play global thermonuclear war, there’s even an app for that.
There’s an app for just about anything on the special Presidential iPhone.” (“Even tee times?” – rodney)

Tony W – The President gets a briefing on the latest game craze “Angry Bird-Brains”

John Burgess“Dude… the Ginsberg upskirt is excessive.”

Donna Tobia – A smart phone…no buttons like Blackberry. There’s even a teleprompter app!

Mu – Now you can watch the live feed from the missile right into Kim-Jong-Un’s bedroom window

al-Ameda – “They made an app to access the Nairobi Birth Certicate archives?”

Robert W. ArmijoDespite leaving his first term campaign promises unfulfilled. And his second term campaign promises to fulfill his first term campaign promises (still unfulfilled), President Obama takes a well deserved timeout to review the plans for what his legacy Presidential Library will look like.


“I’m using Travelocity to get a discount on the Lincoln Bedroom.”

Justin: “This is a pic of the portrait of Michelle you had commissioned?”
Barry: “Yea… but you’ll need to turn the screen sideways for full effect.”

“…any tee times open for tomorrow?”

“So the dancing girl just takes my eyes off which cup the pea is under?”

The Thursday Contest has already seen Ben hurl.

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