OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Chain Gang Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Chain Gang Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


(Torrey AndersonSchoepe)


First: al-Ameda – Mom would be proud.

Second: John425 – Trio: “We were so lucky to escape China and now are free in North Korea!”

Third: He who must not be named – Larry, Moe and Hu Dini.


Donald sensing“Gangnam Style Tibet Edition” didn’t break into the charts.

Tony W – Femen’s new batch of protesters are just not up to the old standard.

Patrick McCainJust like the hula hoop and Pet Rock fads, there is no doubt that the “Tweet Like Weiner” craze will someday fade.

Fog – “We sing protest songs like Bob Dyran!”

Robert W. ArmijoEven more American whistleblowers defect to Hong Kong in a desperate attempt to escape President Obama’s so-called transparency policy.

Paul Hooson“Hey, I get no rice back, I get no rice back at all. The other day I’m working the rice paddy and…” A joke as told by the Rodney Dangerfield of Tibet (Saw him live once in Milwaukee… great comedian. – rodney)


“How ’bout a nice game of Tether-monk?”

Cincinatti Red’s fans protest to be free to gamble on baseball.

“Hey! You yankin’ my chain?”

Two Wongs make a right

The Thursday Contest is already without the gate.

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