OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Walk About Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Walk About Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Photo By Charles Dharapak


First: Eric – “Usually, people wait until I say something until they clap. But things going the way they are, I’ll take it.”

Second: jd – “Madam, no, that’s just a stereotype.”

Third: JKB – See, Julia can tell you, I’m big down under.”


Doug MataconisHow do you say “Yes we can!” in Australian?

mannning – Did I say it right? Guess I did.

G.A.Phillips – One of the Cain accusers shows her admiration for the job Obama gave her?

CO-MC-50 – Bitch please!

Maggie Mama – How big am I?

KRM – And now, presenting the 2011 John Maynard Keynes Stimulus Miracle Award, Vanna White!


“Sorry, Fifteen Schnitzengruben is my limit.”

What? Do I look like Herman Cain to you?

“Why are you applauding? I haven’t said anything yet.”
“Thank you, thank you, please come back when you can’t stay so long.”

“Yes, Mr. President, I’ve confirmed your tee times.”

Australian for “Motion To Adjourn”

The Monday Contest is all ready for the check out lane.

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