Pat Robertson Advocates Assassination

Seventeen bloggers (and counting) are on the story that Pat Robertson is insane. This is hardly breaking news.

Still, it’s sometimes amusing and enlightening to remind ourselves of these things:

Robertson called for the assassination of Venezuela’s president (Media Matters)

Pat Robertson, host of Christian Broadcasting Network’s The 700 Club and founder of the Christian Coalition of America, called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.


“You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war. And I don’t think any oil shipments will stop. But this man is a terrific danger and the United … This is in our sphere of influence, so we can’t let this happen. We have the Monroe Doctrine, we have other doctrines that we have announced. And without question, this is a dangerous enemy to our south, controlling a huge pool of oil, that could hurt us very badly. We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability. We don’t need another $200 billion war to get rid of one, you know, strong-arm dictator. It’s a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with.”

The usual suspects on the Left are weighing in, of course, lumping all of the Right in with Robertson. Since many on the Right do the same with Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore, I suppose that’s par for the course.

Thankfully, Robertson is getting plenty of scorn from even the non-libertarian Right.

Latin America scholar Steven Taylor gives this an “Egads” and notes the inapplicability of the Monroe Doctrine.

As does Ed Morrissey, who thinks Robertson is making it too easy on the Left.

Click the Memeorandum link above for more reactions.

Update: Wizbang’s Paul observes, “The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that on the right side, we call out our (few) crazies… The Democrats make them party chairmen.”

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James Joyner
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  1. Col Standish says:

    typical christian conservative thinking
    kill anyone different than us.

  2. Paul says:

    Mostly when the left whines about Robertson, when you read their point he is taken out of context or they are overreacting.

    The man’s just lost it on this one.

    The difference between the left and right of course that you don’t have 50% of republicans supporting him and declaring war on the 50% for not.

  3. SilverBubble says:


    Not all Christian conservatives want to kill everyone. Just because Robertson has flipped his lid doesn’t mean I have. Don’t lump us all in with that kook.

  4. Darby says:

    typical christian conservative islamic extremist thinking
    kill anyone different than us.

    Anyways, I just thought I’d point that out.

  5. Palash R. Ghosh says:

    God bless Pat, he is right! The Americans made a terrible mistake in 1962 when they failed to assassinate Fidel Castro in Cuba; now they have a similar chance to remove Chavez, another vile Communist scum.

  6. bryan says:

    Monroe Doctrine. Heh.

  7. George says:

    Silly to take out Chavez and stop there. We should then continue with Castro, for starters, then move on to Kim in North Korea, then Iran and Syria of course,and there would be strong pressure to just go ahead and take out Chirac too. Ultimately we could compile a “safe list” of world rulers that we would NOT take out, serving notice to the rest of them to mind their p’s and q’s. At least Blair should be on the safe list; I’m trying to think of others. Oh yes, Sharon.

  8. Paul says:

    Pat Robertson is not just insane, but is also a product of the Oh-So-Righteous Right Wing Christian Taliban now in control of our government and popular culture.

    Remember their old tag line: “What Would Jesus Do?” Well he certainly wouldn’t put a hit out on a international leader whose policies he didn’t agree with!! And Pat Robertson calls himself a Christian? Not by any rational, credible, traditional definition.

    But perhaps that is part of the problem: their definition of Christian has become warped, distorted and downright perverted. Let’s get this right (no pun intended) – not only did the Pope call the invasion of Iraq illegal, immoral and unChristian, but the on-going US Government sponsored torture, desecration of the Quoran and so on are 180 degrees from Jesus’ direct commands.

    I’ll sum it up – read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Read it again. Then TRY to reconcile those direct mandates with the actions of George Bush, his Republican Party, and the entire current administration…. YOU CAN’T!!!

    Here’s a good one for the Righties – “Who would Jesus Torture?” Anyone have an answer?

    Peace Out –

    Paul @ JesusIsALiberal .com

  9. R. L. Gibson says:

    Mr Robertson is a savage person. He is one of the best representatives of the fundamentalist religionists in America. Religion continues to be one of the most dangerous components of contemporary life. I am a minister – ordained in the Christian ministry. Fundamentalism worries me. Christian, Islamic, or whatever. We need to develop a strategy to cope with the hate generated by ignorant devotion to religious doctrine,

  10. Lopenzo says:

    One thing that always amazes me about Americans is how when it comes to Cuba, all communists are scum, and dirt and so on and on.

    YET, for the love of God, I can’t find a single product in target or walmart that wasn’t made in China, a communist country with which neither Conservatives nor Liberals seem to have a problem getting in bed with. While CHINA is literary taking over the world, these clowns keep standing around like a bunch of drunken high school jocks pissing on the local nerd.

    I do not like communism, and I do not like China, but I like even less being surrounded by such a mass of retarded hypocrites, of which Pat “loony” Peterson is their Almighty leader.

    (shakes his head)

  11. DC Loser says:

    I don’t think Robertson was doing this because the idea just occured to him. Could be a not so subtle message to Chavez from somebody in Washington? Or somebody floating an idea to see if it gets some traction?

  12. James Joyner says:

    I’m not a religious person but it’s still rather silly to claim that Robertson represents mainstream American Christians. He has a following, to be sure, but it’s relatively small. And most of his viewers likely disagree with his more extreme views.

  13. publius says:

    So said the village idiot:
    “There was a popular coup that overthrew him (Chavez). And what did the United States State Department do about it? Virtually nothing. And as a result, within about 48 hours that coup was broken; Chavez was back in power, but we had a chance to move in. . ”

    [Outright lie. The coup may have been popular with Robertson and his evil ilk, but not the people of Venezuela. Who do you think caused the coup to collapse if not the people in the streets protesting it? Thou shalt not lie Mr. Robertson]

    “He has destroyed the Venezuelan economy, and he’s going to make that a launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism all over the continent,” he said.

    If the economy falters, the USA and world financiers share culpability.

    And just what do you have against communists. Don’t you realize that the early followers if Jesus were communists? That real Christians ARE communists?

    “not even one would say that any of the things he possessed was his own; but they had all things in common… there was not one in need among them, for all those who were possessors of fields or houses would sell them and bring the values of the things sold and deposit them at the feet of the apostles. In turn distribution would be made to each one just as he would have the need.” — Acts 4:32-35 [see also Acts 2:42-45]

    And just what is your preoccupation with riches and material wealth? Oh, false witness you are Mr Robertson! No ye not your Bible? Nor the teachings of Christ? To wit:

    And certain one questioned Jesus, saying: “Good Teacher, by doing what shall I inherit everlasting life?” *** And Jesus said to him”… Sell all the things you have and distribute to the poor people, and you will have treasure in the heavens; and come be my follower.” When he heard this, he became deeply grieved, for he was very rich.

    Jesus looked at him and said: “How difficult a thing it will be for those having money to make their way into the kingdom of God. It is easier, in fact for a camel to get through the eye of a sewing needle than for a rich man to get into the kingdom of God.” [Luke 18:18-25]

    “You know, I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war … and I don’t think any oil shipments will stop. This is in our sphere of influence, so we can’t let this happen … We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability. We don’t need another $200 billion war to get rid of one, you know, strong-arm dictator. It’s a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with.”

    “OUR sphere of influence?” And just who decided that the USA has paternal rights over other peoples?

    As to your call for murder, umm.. wasn’t their a commandment about that too? and what of the golden rule, “Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you.”

    So maybe someone should assassinate Pat Robertson.

    What a sham ‘Christian’ – a verified hypocrite!

  14. DL says:

    No matter how good the result – evil may never be done to bring it about = Basic Christian morality. However, if we think from a secular liberal (non-Christian) world view, where morality and truth are relative, and the end justifies the means (utilitarianism)- then it makes sense – The left here is happily chastizing Christianity for Pat’s failure to follow its fundamentals. It’s sorta like blaming Christ for picking an evil man named Judas as an apostle. It’s really the religion that is their target – always was and always will be -till …..

  15. spider says:

    the wwjd thing just bit you I think. Jesus did kick the moneychangers out of the temple. While the Bible does not report any covert “hits” ordered by the big guy, we do know that he had a temper. Like all good leaders he probably delegated the heavy lifting to guys like PR. We know even liberals get agitated so before we go judging PR’s discourse on the application of the Monroe Doctrine to modern times we should step back and examine exactly what Jesus would do?

    Lets start with feeding the poor. Jesus said do it. He didn’t say how. He never told anyone how to do the fishes and loaves thing so we have to figure it out for ourselves. If we can’t agree that this is an important teaching from Jesus then we are not reading the same Bible. OK so far? If everyone is poor. First we have to feed ourselves AND THEN we have to take responsibility others while we are poor. Doesn’t really work well. Jesus expects us to be wealthy and then help the poor. Alternatively you can get to heaven if don’t help yourself and stay poor. This is what we call free will. Alternative paths to heaven. For those of us who want to be more like Jesus, we choose to gain wealth and then feed the poor. In our economy. In our world. You need oil to drive commerce and create wealth. Therefore PR is merely expressing the logical irrefutable idea that people who get in the way of the free flow of oil are trying to undermine the plain simple plea from Jesus OUR Lord to feed the poor. I for one think that assasination is harsh but its an idea worth considering. Great leaders from the beginning of time have used extreme prejudice to eliminate the bad guys. When you get down to it PR is trying not to throw the baby out with the dirty bath water. Why does it make it better to kill a bunch of innocent civilians who believe as we do that it is important to feed the poor when we can eliminate the problem with one shot? I think we should explore other options with Chavez but assasination isn’t off the table based on your WWJD argument. Before we speculate about whether Jesus sent some people “home” before their time lets remember that our own records on assasination are sketchy at best and it has been a few years. The fact that it isn’t documented doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I also think you need to go back and read the part about forgiveness and tolerance. I am not saying you should apologize for your harsh words toward PR but a silent prayer seeking forgiveness might do you some good. Peace.

  16. McGehee says:

    I don’t think Robertson was doing this because the idea just occured to him. Could be a not so subtle message to Chavez from somebody in Washington? Or somebody floating an idea to see if it gets some traction?

    DC, are you seriously trying to get your opinions ignored as a matter of course?

  17. DC Loser says:

    Feel free to do so, McGehee.

  18. Kent says:

    Curiously, this is not the first time I have heard someone promote the idea of assassinating a leader rather than making war against his country. However, the last time, it was a liberal Canadian student in my graduate department.

    Just another illustration that the Far Right and Far Left are hard to distinguish. The operative adjective seems to be “Far.”

  19. Paul Dillon says:

    Pat Robertson must not agree with the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. He is certainly unfit to speak for Christianity.

  20. Robert says:

    “Who would Jesus Torture?”

    Well – there was that little incident with the whip and the money changers.

    Why would an otherwise decent guy like Jesus lose it? If I recall my bible correctly, it had something to do with the misuse of the institutions of faith.

    Perhaps Mr. Robertson would be well advised to reread his copy of the bible. He might go back to the beginning chapters too and look up that bit about “Thy Shalt Not Kill”.

  21. spider says:

    the correct phrase is “thou shall not kill” although who knows what it means in the original dialect. More importantly, as I recall God the Father zapped the Sodomites – turned them into salt. What about those guys chasing Moses through the Red Sea. That was not a natural disaster. God/Jesus/Holy Spirit have had their hand in many such things.

    I think we owe PR some latitude here. He prays more than most people and he did get Sandra Day off the Supreme Court. It looks like John Roberts is a little more Christian than Sandra Day. PR did not outright order a hit on Chavez. He will rely on a higher power for that.

    Lets try not to be so harsh when we judge other people.

    Chavez is trying to oppress the poor he has to answer for that. PR just wants him in the express check out lane. Are you saying you think Chavez is right?

  22. Robert says:

    – “thou shall not kill”

    Ah – thank you for correcting my Old English. God knows I want to use the same language Jesus did. 🙂

    – “Are you saying you think Chavez is right?”

    No. I am saying Pat Robertson is wrong. One does not necessarily imply the other.

    – “I recall God the Father zapped the Sodomites”

    Hmm. Perhaps so. So if America zaps Chavez we become God? Wow. What an opportunity!

    Still I am kind of stuck on that bit about “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord” (correct Old English requested).

    Perhaps while we figure this all out it would be morally safer to limit ourselves to clear and present dangers rather than be intimidated by irrational raving from either Mr. Chavez or Mr. Robertson.

  23. Jack Russell says:

    Pat Robertson needs to “get some”. I am serious. This guy has gone off the deep end and its obvious poor fellow hasnt gotten some action for the past few decades and its eating him up and causing some hormonal imbalance

  24. spider says:

    Chavez is stealing the oil profits from Venezuela. He has no legal or moral right to his position. PR has expressed a reasonable, albeit extreme option to remedy the situation. The Crusades, WWII, the Spanish American War all had a moral imperative that resulted in Christians making the world a better place. It is a matter of degree. We killed Nazis to save the Jews and that was Christian. Killing Chavez to save the oil is simply a subtle nuance. I don’t think PR is filled with blood lust. I’m sure he doesn’t watch violence on TV. He is not a violent man which is why we should not reject his idea out of hand. If we have doubts after Chavez is gone we can go to confession and wash those sins right out of our hair. I don’t want to turn this into the U.S. Open of Scripture Tossing. Maybe we can figure out a better way to save Venezuela but I am real tired of brave talking tyrants interrupting my dinner hour. Chavez is no different than Saddam, or John Gotti this isn’t about politics it about lying stealing and terrorizing the innocent people of Venezuela. Lets at least give PR credit for raising the level of discourse on this important issue. Peace

  25. I'm off the Pat bandwagon says:

    Let’s hope someone takes Pat out. He’s lost all credibility and is a joke. A candidate for President, what a hoot…..

  26. yzw200 says:

    With regards to spiders comment. You state Chavez has no legal or moral rights to his position…do you forget that he is the democratically elected president of Venezuela. That after a recall effort was mounted and new elections were forced– Chavez received the support of over sixty percent of voters. This mentality that it is the United States place to usurp the democratic will of a countries people, led us to support the coup of Salvadore Allende in Chile. What were the results of that? The installation of Pinochet as as military dictator and the murder and disappearance of thousands. If we truly believe in democracy as we claim, we cannot use our power as the worlds only superpower to determine other countries paths. People across Latin Ameerica would not be welcoming Chavez’s rhetoric and message if it were not for the continued poverty and instability affecting the region, which we are largely repsonsible for.

  27. Grim Reaper says:

    “The left here is happily chastizing Christianity for Pat’s failure to follow its fundamentals.”

    No, they aren’t in any way “chastising Christianity” DL– they’re rebuking Pat Robertson for being a hypocrite, claiming to be a Christian leader while suggesting some very un-Christian plans (like assassination of a democratically elected foreign leader).

    “Chavez is trying to oppress the poor he has to answer for that.”

    How is Chavez “oppressing the poor,” spider? If anything, he’s paid more conscious attention to the destitute than just about any other major leader in the Western Hemisphere, however efficacious (or not) his proposals may be. Besides, even suggesting assassination as a possible option in retaliation for “oppressing the poor” is Stalinist-worthy propaganda– one could make accusations of imperfection against just about any leader for one reason or another. They hold even less weight against Chavez, who was democratically elected on two occasions *and* overwhelmingly supported in a referendum in Venezuela. People don’t have to agree with Chavez on everything, but there is a responsibility to accept the mandate of a popular vote (a vote, for that matter, that held much more of a mandate than those for our current leader in the USA).

    “Chavez is stealing the oil profits from Venezuela. … PR has expressed a reasonable, albeit extreme option to remedy the situation. ”

    Reasonable? What if prominent media figures in foreign countries having frosty relations with the US and Britain all started to overtly advocate the assassination of Bush and Blair? And what if democratically elected leaders and candidates in general started shilling for assassination as a “convenient” way to get rid of their opponents? Are your brains leaking that much out of your ears?

    “The Crusades, WWII, the Spanish American War all had a moral imperative that resulted in Christians making the world a better place.”

    WTF does the Spanish American War have to do with this? Are you aware, idiot, that in the wake of this war in 1898, the US promptly decided to colonize the Philippines in spite of promising them their independence, initiating an unbelievably bloody guerrilla war that left hundreds of thousands of Filipinos dead? Those Filipinos were almost all Christians, thus shitting all over your masturbatory fantasies of Christian soldiers “making the world a better place.” You could easily figure this out by taking 5 minutes and reading an encyclopedia article, but I guess it’s much more fun to talk ignorantly out of your ass, isn’t it?

    “… Maybe we can figure out a better way to save Venezuela but I am real tired of brave talking tyrants interrupting my dinner hour. Chavez is no different than Saddam, or John Gotti this isn’t about politics it about lying stealing and terrorizing the innocent people of Venezuela.”

    What a load of utter propagandistic horseshit.

    Chavez may have bouts of megalomania every so often but he was democratically elected on multiple occasions, and is pursuing policies that are well within the range of democratic leaders past and present. They’re inevitably going to be controversial, but this is why we have the democratic mechanism, however messy it may be in practice.

    If you start advocating assassination of foreign democratically elected leaders, then you turn the USA into the world’s biggest enemy of democracy and liberty. Then the fig leaf comes off, and whatever shred of credibility the US still has, a protector of freedom and human rights, is lost for good. If this transpires, the US becomes despised as much as any other aggressive, self-interested regime before it– Stalin’s USSR, the Nazis, the British in their colonialist mass murder and theft in India and Ireland, French in Algeria, and so on.

  28. Titus says:

    Historians are affraid to say publicly, but the fire that burned the city of Rome was, indeed, started by the Christians. It has taken nearly two thousand years for the truth to finally come out. Now that is some serious political correctness.

  29. JB Collins says:

    I noticed that Eric Rudolf apologized at his sentencing only for the Olympic bombing. He apparently still thinks he has some right to judge the other victims worthy of a death sentence. The perverted Christians of today really do believe they have the right to kill in the name of Jesus. Mr. Robertson is just one of the perverted preachers like Mr. Hagee, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Dobson, Mr. Falwell, and others. They all fail the test of Christian love. The fail the basic check for false teachers: ” If they do not show love, they are not from us.” This bunch of phony preachers are on the side opposite Christian teaching. They do not stand on the Moral High Ground. God can judge. God can show vengeance. It takes a giant ego to assume God’s role. It is time for those wanting spiritual leadership in America to turn away from the charlatans and toward sound religious teaching. Those choosing their religious guidance based on political congruence with their desires are so easily deceived.

  30. Cy says:

    Greetings Everyone,

    What a sad day today for those of us who actually and literally interpret the bible with the truth that is within the words of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Mr. Robertson again has stepped up to not only mortify Christians around the world but to also once again heap burning coals on the issues that continue to plague religion in today’s world.

    I do not know where in Mr. Robertson’s sacred book of the lord he would find the words assassination spoken by Jesus, I doubt that he even considered that before he opened his very frustrated and obviously burnt out mind. He needs to put himself to rest and leave the pulpit he has obviously crossed over into that place where some can never return from as age has robbed you of your common sense.

    Like we needed more religious conflict in this world!

    I am calling for Mr. Robertson’s retirement

    Thank you for listening.

    God Bless us all

    Cy Cosner

    TeamRacin Staff writer

  31. Dazzled says:

    Living in Europe, I think we see thing differently than you.
    We think: how on earth can a country lack so much regulation that a man can call for murder on TV? Why on earth does the US does not understand why the rest of the world has only contempt for this country which is supposed to be Freedom sublimed but which has only become an ideological world dictator?
    I am sick of hearing that the US is the best country in the world. It is obviously not since it can start illegal wars, re-elect a president who is blatantly an idiot, use some old law to justify civilians having guns (Idians are all dead you know?) and is still scared of communism!! Please!! Scared of communism??
    I am a Christian Liberal and nothing scares me more today than the US. And that does not mean I want to kill all of you, it just mean that I will never go to your country. Because of a small percentage of your population who knows nothing about the rest of the world and who uses false Christian pretences, once the again the 6 billion of us out there who do not have an eagled passport or a green card will crank up a notch in our distrust of the US.

  32. Robert Garrett says:

    Why are you acting surprised by this most recent Revelation from God’s Good Buddy? Should we act like everyone here is in disagreement with Pat? Truth be told, millions of Americans thought his remarks were appropriate. These fine citizens are so ignorant of history and world politics that they readily agree to murder anyone and everyone foolish enough to disagree with them. I think Pat and George should hop a flight down to Venezuela and slap Hugo in the face and see what happens. I suspect he would beat the stew out of both of them. Warriors for God! How about power hungry leaches from Mars? Has the U.S. begun it’s decent into decay? Oh hell yes.

  33. Miguel T. Misic says:

    P.R. is one the biggest HYPOCRITE in this entire world !
    Where was he when the Malvinas War ? WHY he, along with millions ,IGNORED the “Monroe Doctrine” then…….oh, just maybe because the Royal Navy was our beloved cousin ?
    I really think he firmly believes GOD is a USA Citezen……..I would like to be present during the judgment day for him. The second day of overtime in heavens should be unforgettable ! My wish is due to the fact that I lost the first one…….when A.Hitler had to face the Lord for his acts , and to be held accountable for them.
    Sometimes I just think we overreact when talking about P.R…….so few people knows that he is an expert in the Monroe Doctrine………Marylin, the founder, can be happy that Pat has come up whith mentioning it ! I believe this with real intensity, otherwise the bastard would have never, never mentioned it at all !
    Just it could be truth…..the anticrist is already here…..he even intended to run for president once…..!
    For all the terrorists in the world : Please, STOP. We already had been punished enough with Pat Robertson, not just 11/9 !

  34. publius says:

    Col Standish:
    “typical christian conservative thinking
    kill anyone different than us.”

    It worked for the alleged ‘christians’ who ‘founded’ the USA. Remember poor little Mary Dyer? A Quaker who had the unfortunate belief that she had freedom of religion?

    Seems the good, fundamentalist puritanical ‘christians’ who had assumed secular authority were not believers in freedom of religion. So they hanged her until dead, while they cheered and jeered her.

    And just how did they try to explain this to the King disturbed at the news of it?

    The governor of Massachusetts wrote the King:

    “The Quakers died not because of their other crimes how capital soever, but upon their superadded presumptuous and incorrigible contempt of authority…”

    IOW, they were publically ‘hanged until dead’ not for any crime, save contempt for the fundamentalist Puritan’s tyranny.

  35. publius says:

    spider asserts:

    “Chavez is stealing the oil profits from Venezuela. He has no legal or moral right to his position. *** We killed Nazis to save the Jews and that was Christian. Killing Chavez to save the oil is simply a subtle nuance.”

    Buahahahahaha! Where do you get such preposterous ideas?

    Chavez is a hero of the people and has huge popular support. He is serving their interests, not those of the foreign slave masters. He has ever legal and moral right to be in his position, much more so than the precedent of the USA.

    Think about it.. The people of the USA are not even allowed to directly elect their president. In fact, they can’t even select those who select the president. The national political parties [who have no constitutional place in the matter] have totally corrupted the process and the UNELECTED they [whoever THEY are] now choose those that will decide on who the president will be.] The ‘electoral college’ was by design, to prevent democratic rule. Corrupted now as it is, it serves the interests of liberty and justice even less.

    And in WWII, the USA killed Lutherans, Catholics and whatever other ‘christians’ and ‘pagans’ got in the way and it wasn’t to ‘save the Jews’. Little of anything was known of the magnitude of the plight of the Jews until after the war.

    Killing Chavez would just be one more member of the freedom fighting resistance to fall to the technology and brutality of the imperialist USA warmasters.

    These words could well be read today as accurate of the USA and any current president thereof:

    “I have long since learned who you [invaders] are, through others of you who came years ago to my land; and I already know very well what your customs and behavior are like. To me you are professional vagabonds who wander from place to place, gaining your livelihood by robbing, sacking and murdering people who have given you no offense.”

    True of the USA for certain. The USA has continued that tradition throughout all of its existence, making the world safe for United Fruit, et al.

    Little has changed since those words were issued by a spokesmen of Acuera, to de Soto on the Spaniards invasion of his homeland in 1539.

    So the message of the day is, better be nice to the USA, or they will bring democracy to your country. [from a bumper sticker]

  36. biscuit says:

    His comments are both insane and criminal.
    If any other american citizen had gotten on television or the radio and called for the assassination of anyone, we would be thrown under the jail, cause ya know we have all those nifty anti terrorism laws now..
    Unless you are pat roberston.. apparently.. then Rumsfeld just calls you a private citizen and laughs it off.
    Disgusting.. every day is more and more disgusting.

  37. PG says:


    You have positively no idea what you are talking about. let me guess:you watch FOX News and voted for Bush.

  38. Loretta Greene says:

    this Just shows that the people of the US are sheep. Look back and watch, they do not even think on there own anymore they must have someone to tell them how to think and live.if they do not get it the government and religion comes down on them for having an opinion. ( Iraq ) none of our business, any other country none of our business. this is communism.

  39. Vincent says:

    Would Pat Robertson like to volunteer his services as a suicide bomber in order to carry out his wishes?

  40. John Parker says:

    Pat (Jim Jones) Robertson now says that his comments were taken out of text. Uh, excuse me, but how do you take the word “assassination” out of context? I guess he hasn’t seen the video where he emphatically states Chavez should be taken out.

    This spineless coward can’t even tell the truth! I live in Virginia Beach where Pat’s fortress is located and I can tell you one thing, he has really fallen off his self-appointed throne this time. This worthless excuse of a Christian and human being needs to be put out of his misery; maybe give him some should give him some “kool-aid.” I know of at least ten people locally (myself included) who would volunteer for that really patriotic duty. Pat Robertson has only two real desires in life: your money and how he can get it from you to continue his lavish lifestyle. Kind of reeks of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, but then again he did mentor those two criminals on how to get on television and connive hard earned money out of good people. This faux Christian needs to taken off the air, his tax exempt status should be repealed and he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for making “terrorist” comments.

  41. Rao says:

    I watched some clips yesterday where the Pat (the meglomaniacal pond scum) Robertson – PMPSR for short – trying convince that he did not call for assassination. Where are our beacons of morality – such as Mr. Bill Bennetts, Henry Hydes, Asa Hutchisons who had cardiac arrests when Slick parsed his statements. Especially the pompous pontificating wind bag Bennett, who cannot contain himself in discovering new invective to chastise Clinton, had no peep. The right wing religious bigots are not even out there to make a perfunctory comment on this. Where is FCC, that diatribe of 700 club is broadcast on non-cable channels as well, when are they going to fine those stations.

  42. Rao says:

    Hi guys, this PMPSR needs to be taught a lesson. He broadcasts on local channels, not just on cable. So please launch a complain with FCC. Lets see how fair minded the bushies are. I for one find his speech more obscene than Janet’s breasts.

  43. ANGEL MORETA says:

    S.R. PAT ROBERSON ESPERO QUE ESTE BIEN EN ESTO SMOMENTOS las declaraciones que usted dio sobre la situacion politica de venezuela y especificamente sobbre la manera de deshacerse del presidente HUGO CHAVEZ a provocado una reaccion muy adversa hacia el evangelio en ese pais y en america latina,como en todo el mundo.
    pedimos que usted pida perdon sincero a el mundo
    y los cristiano,porque para el evangelio es mejor su sinceridad.

  44. David says:

    What amazes me is just how many people who claim to be Christian are the biggest bunch of hypocrites you could possibly find.

    George Bush claims he is a Christian and yet starts wars with other people. And millions of Christians follow him in this endeavor. It’s insanity at its finest, for anybody who has ever read the New Testament just one time with an IQ over 20 found out that Jesus Christ advocated just the EXACT opposite of starting wars, under ANY circumstance, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As a Christian you will be prosecuted and you will be KILLED!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are to die and suffer just like Jesus died, you are to do harm to nobody, you are to pray for everyone, INCLUDING YOUR ENEMIES!!!!!!!

    What? George Bush doesn’t know that? He has not read the Bible? Hundreds of thousands of so called “preachers” don’t know that either?

    Pat Robertson? Wow, what a hypocrite beyond belief he is, advocating assassinating someone, absolutely incredible.

    But this same story goes on and on and on, from one “preacher” to the next. I’d say one in a thousand are real, all the rest are absolute hypocrites beyond all belief.

    David Kuvelas
    No Holds Barred Christianity