Poll: 70% of Tea Party Supporters Oppose Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid

Our national cognitive dissonance continues…

Via TMP:  Poll: 70% Of Tea Partiers Oppose Cuts To Medicare, Medicaid.

In a McClatchy-Marist poll released this week, 70% of registered voters who identify with the Tea Party opposed making cuts to either Medicare or Medicaid — the government-run health programs for the elderly and the poor — to help reduce the nation’s deficit. Meanwhile, only 28% of tea partiers said they’d be willing to cut spending on those two programs.

Tea partiers were not alone in opposing Medicare and Medicaid cuts. An overwhelming 80% of all respondents said they opposed such cuts, with a majority of every demographic measured in the survey lining up against them.

The full poll is here [PDF].

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  1. Steve Metz says:

    You’re missing the Tea Party’s point–we’re going to balance the budget by cutting NPR funding and foreign assistance.

  2. john personna says:

    Like watching Rome burn, isn’t it?

  3. Vast Variety says:

    I thought Tea Partiers were supposed to be opposed to government run health care?

  4. Bleev K says:

    Tea Party = marxism.

  5. Steve Metz says:

    I think the Tea Party’s instincts for spending responsibility are in the right place. My criticism is that it has never proposed any kind of realistic program to attain that. Take the issue that spawned it–opposition to the economic stimulus. If it had provided any kind of coherent argument showing that the economy would have recovered or recovered more quickly without the stimulus, I’d buy it. But it didn’t.

    This current issue is indicative of its incoherence. There are only two steps to rectify the deficit: increase taxes and cut entitlements and defense. It will probably take a combination of them. But if the Tea Party has come up with a realistic plan based on this, I haven’t seen it.

  6. michael reynolds says:

    I’m reeling from the shock.

    The Tea Party is a collection of rage-o-holic ignoramuses who don’t like the fact that the president is black, oppose abortion, and are in a permanent state of anger because the calendar advanced to the 21st century while they were still trying to get used to the 20th.

    They were for cutting so long as it meant screwing someone other than them. And they were completely unaware of the fact that they and their generation (mine, too) are the problem.

    The GOP embraced these buffoons, and now the GOP has to figure out a way to balance the budget while not touching any of the really expensive programs. When they fail the Tea Party will turn at least part of their anger against the GOP itself. (Only part, after all, the GOP is still white.)