Tom Brady Retiring Again

The Greatest of All Time is hanging up his cleats a year too late.

Debt Limit Will Be Reached Today!

The infuriating fight to authorize spending already-allocated money is back.

Zealots and Pluralists

A moderate Republican almost diagnoses the problem.

China Trade Wars the New Normal

The elite consensus that free trade would bring them around is gone.

What Now for Stacey Abrams’ Model?

Her emphasis on turnout has helped other Democrats but she’s a two-time loser.

Forecasting 2024 Way Too Early

There are at most eight toss-up states for the 2024 Presidential election.

Japanese Government: Drink More Sake!

When you tax sin, you need more of it.

[I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!] [I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!]

Inflation Reduction Act Doesn’t Reduce Inflation?!

A bill that was never about the thing it’s called doesn’t do that thing.

Build Back Better Than Nothing

Joe Manchin has come around on a pared back BBB, surprising just about everyone.

Non-Majority Presidents

Are plurality winners less legitimate than popular vote losers?

Democrats Even Madder at Manchin

The West Virginia Senator has pulled away the football yet again.

Military Recruiting Woes

The US armed forces are looking for a few more good men and women.

A Quick Comment on Presidential Power

The pressure and expectations of a king, but with considerably less power.

Democracy and the End of Roe

This will just reinforce minority rule in the US.

May Jobs Report

Growth continues.

The Road to Here (and the Rocky Road Ahead)

The role of American political institutions.

An Action-Oriented Prescription

A follow on from yesterday.

Ukraine War Ruining Biden’s Plans

Crises tend to be distracting.

President Joe Biden takes notes doing a G7 Leaders’ Virtual Meeting Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, in the White House Situation Room. President Joe Biden takes notes doing a G7 Leaders’ Virtual Meeting Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, in the White House Situation Room.

Biden Wants Billionaire Tax (Rounding Up from Tenth of a Billion)

The President is taking a page out of Elizabeth Warren’s playbook.

Biden’s State of the Union Speech

Most people liked it more than I did.

Booster Hesitancy?

65 million Americans are fully vaccinated but just 35 percent are boosted.

Manchin Shoots BBB Dead, Dead, Dead

The West Virginia Senator has taken the football from Charlie Brown and gone home.

Beatles ‘Get Back’ Documentary

A long peek at history in the making.

The 1% are Paying Slightly Less Tax Than They Owe!

An interesting but rather misleading report from a Biden Treasury official.

Covid-Related Links

Some suggested stories.

Billionaires in Space

Magical? Impressive? Or just too much money?

The Politicization of Math Class

The least controversial subject in school is suddenly controversial.

Sullivan on Biden (and a Discussion of Fiscal Policy)

On fiscal policy and historical comparisons.

Walter Mondale, 1928-2021

Jimmy Carter’s Vice President and the 1984 Democratic nominee has died at 93.

What is Infrastructure, Anyway?

We can all agree that it’s important but not what it is.

I love taxes police money Euros I love taxes police money Euros

A W-2 for Business Income

An interesting proposal to improve tax collection.

$15 Minimum Wage Dead for Now

The Senate parliamentarian has ruled against ramming it through in the COVID relief bill.

Rush Limbaugh, 1951-2021

The talk radio megastar has died, aged 70.

Romney’s Child Welfare Plan

An opportunity for unity and a restoration of normal order.

Donald Trump v. Stacey Abrams

Gracious concessions are the norm except when they’re not.

Two Parties, Not Two Countries

We’ve just had an election, not psychoanalysis.

AZ and PA

Trump needs them both.

Trump Gaining Black and Hispanic Voters

Some surprising poll numbers.

The Senate’s Rural Skew

Injecting data into the conversation.

Is the American Government Legitimate?

A long-winded and esoteric discussion about an elusive idea.

Why I am Where I am on Reform

More on SCOTUS expansion and other issues.

Against Packing the Supreme Court

Legitimacy hangs in the balance.

The Consequences of Design

The convergence of design flaws in the constitution and a flawed leader have brought us to brink of an electoral crisis.

It’s Not ‘Absurd’ that Colleges are Charging Full Tuition

Online instruction is an inferior product. But it’s more expensive to deliver.

Biden’s Massive Lead

President Trump is behind 14 points in the latest NYT poll.

President Chaos

Exactly the opposite of what we need in a crisis.

Coronavirus Could Kill Trump Presidency

We may be seeing the beginning of the end.

Joementum Kills Brokered Convention Dream

Nate Silver now gives Biden an 87% chance of winning the nomination outright.

Trump Deserves some Blame

A partial rejoinder.