Presidential Elections as High School?

Howard Fineman argues in his latest column that,

Presidential elections are high school writ large, of course, and that is especially true when, as now, much of the early nomination race is based in the U.S. Capitol. It is even more the case when the party in question, and here we are talking about the Democrats, is not sharply divided ideologically.They have a good chance in ’08 to oust the fading prep/jock/ROTC/Up With People alliance.

It’s an amusing piece, although not necessarily one that sheds much light.

UPDATE: Digby agrees, although he’s far less kind to Fineman. And far more profane.

Kevin Drum gives it an Idiotic Media Narrative Award and observes that, “If I were writing a parody of the genre, I wouldn’t change a word.”

Perhaps this is why newsweeklies are having trouble staying afloat? If this had been a blog post, it might have been well received as whimsy. Coming from Big Media Howard, though, it’s just lame.

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