Sometimes History Rhymes In Ironic Ways

And you might ask yourself: “how did we get here?”

High School Graduation and Individual Expression

Either it’s a public forum or it’s not.

Army Pilots Get Unexpected Extension

The personnel bureaucracy reinterpreted regulations.

Minority Rule in a Winner-Take-All System

How long can the unsustainable be sustained?

How Much Student Loan Relief?

Now, we’re just haggling over price.

Cadets participate in the Class of 2019 Graduation Parade, May 24, 2019, at West Point. (Matthew Moeller/Army) Cadets participate in the Class of 2019 Graduation Parade, May 24, 2019, at West Point. (Matthew Moeller/Army)

West Point Cheating Scandal Worst in Decades

73 cadets violated the honor code while taking an exam remotely.

Cops Aren’t Soldiers

The similarities are obvious. The differences are more important.

Charlie Daniels Dead at 83

The Country Music Hall of Famer is gone.

West Point Why We’re Losing Wars Says West Point Prof

A book out today makes an odd case.

Army Officially Bringing Back ‘Pinks and Greens’

A slight variant of the uniform from World War II and Korea is coming to a soldier near you.

Selectively Disobeying Trump’s Orders

Just how far should White House staffers and civil servants go in protecting the public from an erratic president?

Justice Antonin Scalia Dead At 79

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia has died at the age of 79.

Ben Carson’s Incoherence And Ignorance On Foreign Policy Should Be Disqualifying

Ben Carson displays incoherence and ignorance on foreign policy issues that disqualify him from being considered a serious candidate for President of the United States.

Ben Carson Made False Claims About Being Offered West Point Scholarship

Ben Carson’s campaign now admits that he fabricated a key portion of his biography.

Stealing a College Education

Lee Siegel takes to the NYT to explain “Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans.”

West Point Casualties in Post-9/11 Conflicts Historically High

West Point graduates account for nearly one in fifty deaths in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Air Force Now Accepting Single Parents, Pregnant Women

The Air Force will now allow pregnant women and single parents to join.

Megan Welter: Iraq War Vet, NFL Cheerleader

Megan Welter served as a Signal Corps officer in the Iraq War. Now, she’s an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader.

Americans Getting Fatter But Still Hate Fat People

Two thirds of us are overweight but we still think fat people are pigs.

Military Family Divided By Women’s Role

Greg Jaffe has an outstanding feature titled “In one Army family, women in combat evokes two different perspectives.”

Why Veterans Can’t Fit In On Campus

An Atlantic story on veterans returning to college is both poignant and miscast.

Rioting Penn State Cadet Shocked to Be Kicked Out of ROTC Program

Justin Strine spent part of the summer in jail for violent mayhem but doesn’t understand why he’s unfit to be an Army officer.

Women to Attend Marine Infantry School

Some Marine women are going to Infantry Officers Course. Here’s how to make it work.

War Against Youth?

The old have most of the money and power in our society, a trend that is accelerating.

Wall Street Won’t Fix Our Problems

American has real economic and social problems. But the solution in on Capitol Hill, not Wall Street.

Marcia Anderson Army’s First Black Female 2-Star General

Marcia Anderson has become the first African American woman to be promoted to a two star general in the US Army.

Class Times and Drinking Behavior

A new study shows that college students who take late classes drink more alcohol.

Blue Angels Chief Relieved

Commander Dave Koss, the head of the Navy’s Blue Angels, has “voluntarily” resigned after repeated unsafe maneuvers.

Women in Combat: Changing Rules for the Wrong Reasons?

It may be time to change rules keeping women out of combat roles. But “fairness” isn’t the right question.

John Wheeler, Vietnam Memorial Leader, Murdered

John P. Wheeler III, chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund during the Ronald Reagan era, has been murdered.

The Ridiculous Claims of the DADT Opponents

The repeal of DADT has resulted in some odd claims being made.

ROTC Returning to Ivies

The repeal of DADT may open the doors for ROTC to return to many elite institutions, if cost doesn’t get in the way.

How Should Students Address Professors?

The archaic practice of calling one’s seniors by titles rather than their first name is actually quite useful.

Public Service and Skin in the Game

Thomas Ricks laments that the combination of the all-volunteer military and lower top marginal rates mean that the wealthy have “checked out of America and moved into physical and mental gated communities.” To solve this problem, he proposed bringing back the draft.

Geography and the American Military

The Army and its officer corps are becoming increasingly Southern and rural. Is this a bad thing? If so, what can we do about it?

Is Discrimination Against Christians Legal?

Can a public university expel a student for a religiously-motivated aversion to homosexuality?

Does Harvard Discriminate Against Whites?

Rural whites are outperformed by Jews and Asians and passed over by blacks and Hispanics in the name of “diversity” by elite universities.

Too Fat to Fight?

Meritocracy’s Limits

America may be the land of opportunity but it helps to have a head start in the rat race.

Dissent in the Army