Among Jonah Goldberg’s prediction is this gem:

In the wake of the John “F-ing” Kerry and Wesley Clark profanity controversies, the rest of the Democrats join in, dropping the F-bomb and other curse words on every Democratic audience. Replacing such innocuous phrases as Bill Clinton’s promise to “focus like a laser” on the economy or Jerry Ford’s “Whip Inflation Now,” Dennis Kucinich promises to make the economy “his bitch.” Dick Gephardt works crowds up into a frenzy with a call-and-response playing on the verb form of his first name. At a Teamsters meeting in Michigan, Howard Dean is tackled by his campaign manager, Joe Trippi, before the candidate can finish the sentence “I will rip out the eyes of unemployment and skull f….” When George W. Bush suggests that such language is inappropriate in a mature democracy, Terry McAuliffe accuses John Ashcroft of favoring censorship.

Perhaps R. Lee Ermey can be Dean’s running mate?

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