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DefenseLINK Component Civilian Employment Information Program Begins

A new Defense Department reporting system has begun so members of all seven reserve components can register their employers.

DoD decision-makers need to know the civilian employers and government agencies of the department’s approximately 1.2 million National Guardsmen and reservists, officials explained. The database will, among other things, give officials a better idea of who should, and should not, be mobilized for national emergencies, they said.

The database is called the Civilian Employment Information Program, and it is the way for all Guard and Reserve members to comply with the law that requires them to inform DoD of who employs them and how they are employed when not performing their military duties.

“This program will make it possible for defense officials, including those responsible for mobilizing our traditional Guard and Reserve members, to know who can be called up for active military duty without jeopardizing the civilian forces responsible for safeguarding our country,” explained David Chu, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness.


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