Rick Perry Leads In Another National Poll

And Quinnipiac makes it five:

Rick Perry led the pack of Republican presidential candidates among Republican and Republican leaning voters in another national survey released Wednesday.

The Quinnipiac University poll showed the Texas Gov. and newcomer to the 2012 race with 24 percent, followed by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with 18 percent, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with 11 percent, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann with ten percent and Texas Rep. Ron Paul with nine percent. The remaining candidates received five percent or below.

Romney, Bachmann and Paul are declared presidential candidates, while Palin is still considering a run for the White House.

When Palin was taken out of the survey field, Perry led Romney 26 percent to 20 percent, with Bachmann at 12 percent.

A smaller lead than in some of the other polls, but the overall trend is obvious:

The only candidate who’s support has been increasing lately is Rick Perry.


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