Right Wing Bloggers Vote for Favorite Dictators

With perhaps some irony, John Hawkins polled right-of-center bloggers for selections as to who should rule

The BBC polled more than 15,000 people worldwide on whom they would want to lead a fantasy world government. The results were, particularly for conservatives, quite disturbing with people like Bill Clinton, Noam Chomsky, Kofi Annan, and George Soros making it into the top 11.

So, in order to get a different perspective, Right Wing News decided to poll more than 200 right-of-center bloggers on whom they’d want to be part of a team to “Rule The World.”

There was one caveat however. Since many conservative bloggers, myself included, vehemently object to the idea of one world government, all bloggers were told they were choosing a team to run every country in the world except their own home country.

That’s actually pretty funny. We object to one-world government but not choosing a dictator for all of the world except ourselves? Gotta love that!

What’s even funnier is that, with a handful of exceptions, this list might be scarier than the left wing list:

15) Paul Wolfowitz: Former US Deputy Secretary of Defense. World Bank President (4)

Smart and knowledgable about international finance and policy but he made a series of critical errors in the lead-up to the Iraq War. Not likely to go over well in the rest of the world.

15) Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governor of California (4)

His movies have grossed more than the GNP of most countries, so good pick! Plus, he doesn’t talk with one of those annoying American accents.

15) Rush Limbaugh: Talk radio host (4)

He’s hooked on painkillers and has been divorced three times. The model of conservatism!

15) Junichiro Koizumi: Prime Minister of Japan (4)

I have no idea why he’s on the list, to be honest.

15) Christopher Hitchens: Pundit (4)

The man is somewhat to the left of Chomsky on most issues, but one of the more eloquent spokesmen for the Iraq War.

15) Bill Gates: Founder of Microsoft (4)

Doesn’t he already rule the world?

15) Tommy Franks: Former US General (4)

Military dictatorship? Hasn’t that been tried before?

15) Dick Cheney: US Vice President (4)

I’m not sure his heart could take the strain.

15) George W. Bush: US President (4)

Is this a subtle joke or what? Remember, he would be in charge of every country but the United States.

15) Tony Blair: British Prime Minister (4)

It’s about time for reconstitution of the British Empire!

12) Donald Rumsfeld: US Secretary of Defense (5)

Let’s see how Iraq goes first, okay?

12) Václav Havel: Former President of Czechoslovakia (5)

Inspiring figure. Plus, he is a former actor–always a good sign.

12) Pope Benedict XVI: Pope (5)

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

10) Mark Steyn: Pundit (6)

He is a fixture on RWN lists, to be sure. Ready to rule the world?

10) Victor Davis Hanson: Pundit (6)


7) Thomas Sowell: Pundit (7)

And a PhD economist. But rather a Johnny one-note in his columns. Let’s start him off with, say, Canada and see how it goes first.

7) Antonin Scalia: US Supreme Court Justice (7)

And risk having Bush appoint a replacement? Absolutely not!

7) Ann Coulter: Pundit (7)

The woman is insane. But she is pretty funny sometimes.

4) Natan Sharansky: Soviet dissident, former Israeli cabinet member (8)

Also somewhat insane, but at least he stood up to the Commies.

4) Rudy Giuliani: Former Mayor of New York City (8)

And that would render him ineligible for president in 2008…

4) Milton Friedman: Economist (8)

Well, we could save money by not hiring a Secretary of the Treasury.

2) Margaret Thatcher: Former British Prime Minister (10)

A better choice 15-20 years ago, I’m afraid. Maggie’s a tough old bird but probably not up to world dictatorship anymore.

2) John Howard: Australian Prime Minister (10)

I’ve never given his qualifications much thought, to be honest. But, heck, he’s looking good after seeing the other candidates.

1) Condoleeza Rice: US Secretary of State (14)

She lost a few points with her Israel statement this morning.

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  1. spacemonkey says:

    Seems like Harriet Miers would have been the obvious choice.

  2. DL says:

    I say take the top name from each list and let them duel it out.

    I’ll bet on the little guy with the slingshot!

  3. McGehee says:

    All the world except the United States? It’s obvious: Kathleen Blanco.