67-Year-Old Romanian Pregnant with Twins

Romanian, 67, pregnant with twins (BBC)

Photo: Adriana Iliescu 67 year old Romanian woman pregnant with twins Romanian doctors say a 67-year-old woman is seven months pregnant with twin girls after fertility treatment. If the pregnancy comes to full term, it is believed that Adriana Iliescu, an author and academic, will become the oldest recorded mother. Mrs Iliescu told local television she had always wanted to be a mother but had been unable to conceive naturally. She says she is optimistic about her future as a mother, claiming her family has a history of longevity.

Last year, a 65-year-old Indian woman gave birth to a boy. Schoolteacher Satyabhama Mahapatra from Nayagarh in Orissa had been impregnated with an egg from her 26-year-old niece that had been fertilised by her husband. It was the first child for Ms Mahapatra and her husband who had been married for 50 years.

Intellectually, I’m not sure that this is necessarily wrong, especially if Iliescu’s family does have a history of living into their 90s. At a visceral level, though, this makes me want to retch.

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