Schwarzenegger Wants to Remove Moon to End PMS

A week old but Steve Bainbridge‘s post is the first mention I’d seen:


California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has been branded a sexist again – after mocking pre-menstrual stress during a shocking live radio interview.
The actor-turned-politician sparked outrage last year (04) when he called his Democrat rivals “girlie men”. And he fuelled his reputation as a misogynist last night (24APR05) when he told outspoken DJ HOWARD STERN he wanted to remove the moon, to prevent the mood swings women suffer before their monthly periods.

Schwarzenegger explained, “If we get rid of the moon, women, whose menstrual cycles are governed by the moon, will not get PMS. They will stop bitching and whining.”

Hey, I’m willing to give it a try. . . .

Update: Commenters inform that it was a Schwarzenegger imposter, not the Governator. The Ottawa Sun has a similar account and various sources carry the AMI report. I presumed that the comments were a joke, in either case.

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  1. Alex Knapp says:

    So are politicians not allowed to be funny anymore? Jesus Christ…

  2. Attila Girl says:

    Hasn’t Frank J. been talking this up for years?

  3. Matt says:

    It turns out it wasn’t Schwarzenegger, but an imposter going by the name Schwarzenkopf or something of that sort that made the call to Stern.

  4. Steve says:

    Yep it was a joke, and not the real Schwarzzenegger. Howard has a couple of people who turn up on the show and sound like real celebrities. Another example is Evil Dave (Letterman).

  5. James Joyner says:

    I’d assumed it was a joke, although it’s certainly the type of joke the old Arnold would tell.

  6. jen says:

    As a woman whose PMS can be troublesome, I’d be all for whatever will eradicate the mood swings. And it’s a funny joke.

  7. McGehee says:

    At the risk of repeating myself: Anyone can be funny, but people with no sense of humor are hilarious. Their reaction to this Howard Stern skit is better than any lampoon.

  8. Lynn says:

    I know the guy who did should see him do Deniro or Christopher Walken. He’s very talented and really funny.

  9. Don says:

    I never laughed so hard until I read some of the comments posted by the moonbats in their echo chamber blogs. They swallowed it hook line and sinker.