Senior al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Saudi Arabia

ITV — Senior al-Qaeda suspect killed in Saudi Arabia

A top spiritual guide for al-Qaeda’s Saudi Arabian wing has been killed during a shoot-out. The dead militant, named as Abdullah al-Roshood, was on a list of 26 most-wanted suspects.

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said a policeman was also killed in the gun battle, the first militant violence since Saudi forces killed al-Qaeda’s leader in the kingdom 12 days ago. According to the ministry, the shoot-out. broke out after police spotted a group of militants leaving a house carrying weapons.

Al-Roshood, a teacher of Islamic law, was one of four top al-Qaeda ideologues in Saudi Arabia, security sources said, adding that he had been in hiding for over a year. At least 85 policemen and civilians, many of them foreigners, have been killed in the shootings and suicide bombings blamed on al-Qaeda.

Excellent. Now, if they keep killing “spiritual leaders,” “teachers,” “ideologues,” and “militants” at this pace, we’ll be making real progress.

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  1. Boyd says:

    Reminiscent of Israel’s recent campaign of taking out terrorist leaders, eh?