September Stats and Referrals

OTB had 283,211 unique visits, 568,438 page views, and 2,115,488 hits in the month of September according to my site host and a something like 235,000 unique visits according to SiteMeter. This reversed a three month streak of declining in traffic and, indeed, was my second highest month ever according to the site stats (the third highest according to SiteMeter).

Once again, hostage beheadings and celebrity strippers were the most popular entry points (other than the main page), with Video: American Hostage Eugene Armstrong Beheaded, my Hostage Beheadings category archive (and variants, since WordPress allows subcategories), Another Bulgarian Beheading Video?, and the ever-popular Paige Davis Stripping leading the way.

The following sites were the top weblog referrers for the month of September:

They’ll be enshrined in the left sidebar until replaced by the October list. Thanks to all who read and link OTB.

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  1. Jeff says:

    September was the first increase from the prior month I’d had since the May spike also.

  2. Ditto.