Johnson Risks Speakership for Foreign Aid

A set of bills would fund Ukraine, Israel, and other bipartisan priorities while ticking of the MAGA crowd.

Trump’s Fundraising Plan

Millions of fools and their money may soon be parted.

Chris Christie Won’t Vote for Biden or Trump

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

Six Swing States

America’s weird system for choosing Presidents keeps getting weirder.

[Speaker of the House Mike Johnson] [Speaker of the House Mike Johnson]

Mike Johnson (Who?) for Speaker?

Could the fourth time be the charm?

Trump’s Stranglehold on Republican Voters

The base is remaining loyal to the only candidate they think can beat Biden.

Russia Insurrection Updates

One question answered. Another raised.

Forecasting 2024 Way Too Early

There are at most eight toss-up states for the 2024 Presidential election.

House Margin Exactly Flipped

There will be 222 Republicans and 213 Democrats in the next Congress.

Dem Congresswoman: Biden Not Running

Psst. Don’t tell anyone.

Liz Cheney’s Future

She’ll almost certainly be out of a job in January. Then what?

Liz Cheney 2024?

She’s almost certainly going to lose her House seat. Can she get a promotion?

Congressional Insider Trading Still Widespread

At least 40 Members violated the law on reporting stock transactions.

Most Unvaccinated Americans are Poor

Almost everyone in households making over $75,000 are protected from COVID.

Not Will Rogers’ Democratic Party

The case of Katie Porter’s committee assignments.

Why Republican Leaders Won’t Condemn Trump

Some agree with him. Many others are cowards. But there’s more to it.

Electoral Vote Map

A new tool for looking at possible Presidential election outcomes.

Iowa And New Hampshire Less Important Than They Used To Be? Not Really

As much as I wish it were otherwise, Iowa and New Hampshire are not losing their influence over the Presidential primary process.

Jeb Bush Was a Naughty Boy

So what?

Preparing to Evaluate the Predictions

Making note of some of the predictions and such as we approach November 6th.

Rasmussen’s 2012 Polling Has Had A Republican Bias All Year

As in 2010, Scott Rasmussen’s polling in 2012 has shown a distinct bias in favor of Republicans.

Swing State Polls

Contemplating the “Four Years” Question

If we are going to assess the “Reagan Question” then methinks some data would be helpful.

Election Night Might Be Over Early

Brookings Institute scholar William Galston says election night might end early this year even if the race remains tight.

One Year Later, The Debt Downgrade Doesn’t Seem To Have Mattered Very Much

One year ago, the U.S. lost it’s AAA credit rating with S&P. There doesn’t appear to have been any real impact from that decision.

Obama First President Outspent in His Re-election Campaign

Mitt Romney will likely be the first challenger able to outspend a sitting president. He’ll need it.

Why Susana Martinez Won’t Be Romney’s VP

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has really good reasons for not wanting to be Vice President.

New Yorker: Santorum on Romney’s Car Roof

The New Yorker’s cover has Rick Santorum in a doghouse strapped atop Mitt Romney’s car.

Maine’s Really, Really Screwed Up Caucus

So, you thought the people running the Iowa Caucuses, who had to count something like seven votes and yet declared the wrong winner, had egg on their face. Well, their buddies in Maine have upped the ante.

Santorum Exit Wouldn’t Help Gingrich

NBC poll shows no bounce for Newt Gingrich is Rick Santorum quits the race

Mitt Romney Richer Than Most Presidents

Romney would rank among richest presidents ever

The 2012 Election And “The Soul Of The Country”

Mitt Romney said the other day that the 2012 Election is about “the soul of the country.” This is most assuredly not true.