Sharron Angle Hints She Might Run Again

Sharron Angle is a name that most Republicans would probably like to forget. In a year when the GOP was riding high atop a cresting wave of bad economic news, Tea Party enthusiasm, and voter distrust of a complicated health care plan, she ended up taking a race against the most powerful Democrat in the Senate that seemed to be winnable and did everything possible to lose it. Now, she’s saying she might run again:

When asked if she would ever run for a Senate seat again, Angle responded that “it’s a possibility.”

“Certainly, we need to replace Harry Reid’s leadership and it would be nice to have a different person representing our state as well,” she said. “I encourage you all to run for office. I wouldn’t encourage you to do anything I haven’t done myself and wouldn’t do again.

“…If you believe in representative government, then you have to be willing to be one of those representatives. And I’m willing.”

Reid is up again in 2016. He’ll be 76 by then and may well decide to retire. You can bet the Nevada GOP will do everything it can to make sure Angle isn’t their nominee.

H/T: Taegan Goddard

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  1. Caj says:

    Run Sharron run! Dear God some of these people never know when to call it a day. This lady is as daft as a brush but no doubt she will get backing from the Tea Party! The more stupid a candidate is the better they like it. How our country runs when we’ve got such idiots already in office and willing to add even more I do not know.

  2. legion says:

    She and Mark Sanford should build a ticket for ’16…

  3. al-Ameda says:

    @legion: Sanford-Angle? God, I hope so. It’s a balanced ticket – he is sane and vain, she is insane in the membrane.

  4. CSK says:


    I’m not altogether sure Sanford is all that tightly wrapped.

  5. Nikki says:

    C’mon, God couldn’t possibly love Nevada Democrats that much.