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HostingMatters, which houses OTB and many other blogs, has been the target of denial of service attacks and well as some other issues related to AT&T and their cable provider.

This attack is very large scale, endangering the entire Peak10 network, so they have temporarily stopped advertising our entire netblock. We’re working on getting them to readvertise everything but the block Medea is in so we can get everyone back in business.


We are currently awaiting a readvertisement of our block except for the .137 block. As noted, we will also be processing credits for all clients equivalent to 5% of whatever your invoicing hapens to be. This is actually higher than the percentage of an entire 24 hour period of downtime (3.22%, which we won’t reach), but it’s been a big enough headache for everyone, I think.

OTB’s not on Medea but has still been up only sporadically the past three days. Stacy says there appear to be other issues specific to OTB, which is “utilizing a great deal of resources on [the Pollock] server the past two days.” We’re working to pin those down.

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