Smoker Tries To Open Plane Door

Sadrine Helene Sellies, while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, tried to open the door of an airplane (while in flight*) to have a smoke.

Smoker Tries To Open Plane Door (SkyNews)

A woman drunkenly tried to open a plane’s emergency exit door during a flight so she could have a crafty cigarette. Sadrine Helene Sellies, 34, took sleeping tablets with alcohol before the take-off because she was terrified of flying.


The court heard the defendant had walked toward an exit with an unlit cigarette and a lighter in her hand and began tampering with the door. A flight attendant took her back to her seat and she was arrested on landing.

Helen Shilton, defending, said as well as the mix of drink and drugs and fear of flying, her client had a history of sleepwalking.

Uh, then maybe she shouldn’t get on airplanes? Let alone while drunk? And stoned?

Via Norm Geras

*A qualification that the folks at the U.S. Army Airborne School liked to emphasize.

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  1. Blaine says:

    Friends don’t let Friends fly drunk (and stoned)!

  2. Fersboo says:

    Those evil cigarettes!

  3. DL says:

    Don’t get made at him. He was probably told, just as he was told at the factory, that he couldn’t smoke inside so…..Darwin award!

  4. Bithead says:

    So, she was high on the plane, eh?
    (Or is it high *in* the plane?)

    Perhaps she wanted to get off at Luton.
    (Fifty points if you can name the reference!)

  5. McGehee says:

    She thought it was time to change planes.