Kathy Kinsley heard it on the radio and said Bush sounded like Captain Kirk. Cool! Klingon bastards tried to kill my father!

Glenn Reynolds notes that he said the thing about having to be credible to be taken seriously before Bush. I’d note that Fonzie said it twenty years before either of them.

Steven Taylor has an early talking head roundup. Peggy Noonan and Pat Buchanan both loved it. Hmm.

Robert Prather, Cam Edwards, and Stephen Green joined me in trying to simul-blog. Stephen did it in 33 posts plus some follow-ups.

Frank J watched the speech in HDTV and really liked the HDTV. Wanted more tanks, though.

John Cole has a few posts on it. He really liked the listing of countries in our unilateral war, too. Confirming my guess that that’s the line of the night.

Matthew Stinson has several comments. The funniest one is the Nancy Pelosi-botox one.

Kevin Drum says the Democratic response was “just horrible” and has numerous comments on the Bush speech, saying it did its political job well although he disagrees with several points and thinks some of it took some real nerve. He also notes that most of the domestic programs won’t actually happen. What else is new?

Everyone who mentioned the Democratic response thought it was abysmal. The opposition response always is. They should be canned. It’s not like there’s not a chance to speak in the days ahead. And, my word, Nancy Pelosi is a stiff. And Tom Daschle sounds like the SNL version of Al Gore. What’s up with that?

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  1. SwampWoman says:

    Oh. My. Clark has just been bitch-slapped by Tom Brokaw (correcting his facts). Clark is adamantly denying everything he ever said backing the war. Sigh. Who would ever vote for this guy?

  2. SwampWoman says:

    Can’t he just say that “Yeah, when I thought I might be a Republican I backed the war, but now that I switched to being a Democrat, I found out that Dems are Against War, and now I’m against War too.”

  3. Daschle is not exactly Mr. personality, but it was good to hear someone counter with factual information.

  4. BoiFromTroy says:

    The Democrats could have won over many of the 25% of the gay community who voted for Bush, but their failure to address his most controversial remarks in the speech–on gay marriage–showed that they don’t really support rights dignity for every man and woman in America eihter…as I said early in my live blogging, “we’ll see if what’s good for the gander is what’s good for the goose.” The answer was NO.

  5. John Lemon says:

    I loved it when Bush said that some of the Patriot Act would expire this year and the Democrat side of the aisle clapped. Bush seemed a bit surprised and did a double take and then aimed the next comment directly at them. I thought really got him jazzed for the rest of the speech. I watched the first half on TV and the second half I listened on the radio. Both ways, Bush came across very confident. I think this was his “smoothest, most confident and polished” speech to date, with the possible exception of the UN “live up to your responsibilities or be redundant” speech.

  6. Paul says:

    Daschle is not exactly Mr. personality, but it was good to hear someone counter with factual information.

    Tom Daschle and “factual information” in the same sentence is downright laughable.

    I was rather annoyed that the media did not correct some of the whoppers he told. (he was especially inaccurate last night) One of the pundits said something to the effect that Daschle got many facts wrong but that he looked so bad doing it, the pundit said he would feel bad piling on.

    So much for being factual.