The precise timing of the descent of a Waterford Crystal ball above Times Square at midnight tonight may be another example of Bush administration “stagecraft,” according to Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean.

“The ball is a powerful symbol for America,” said Mr. Dean. “And it’s natural to ask ‘Who stands to benefit from the appearance of stability and comfort that comes from the smooth, timely, joyful nature of this event?’ First we catch Saddam, then Libya gives up its WMD, the U.S. economy is recovering…and now the ball drop. It’s a brand new year…morning in America again. To suggest that this harmonic convergence of events was merely coincidental strains credulity.”

Mr. Dean insisted he was not suggesting that George Bush personally coordinated the timing of New York City ball drop, “but it is an interesting theory that’s out there,” he said.

James Joyner
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