Obama’s Top Economist Opposes Biden Debt Relief Plan

An unlikely source argues that it’s too big and poorly targeted.

Obama’s Pivot To The Economy: More Of The Same

As expected, President Obama’s latest “pivot” to the economy is less than meets the eye.

Ezra Klein’s Meteoric Rise

How he went from Juicebox Mafia member to the most important young journalist in DC.

Your Taxes Are Going Up

Annie Lowrey reminds us that our taxes will likely rise in January regardless of who wins the November election.

Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in 49 of 50 States

Mississippi is more conservative than Massachusetts is liberal.

Quote of the Day – Winklevoss Twins Edition

One of the things you learn as a college president is that if an undergraduate is wearing a tie and jacket on Thursday afternoon at three o’clock, there are two possibilities. One is that they’re looking for a job and have an interview; the other is that they are an a**hole.

Sexism Parody Demonstrates Lack of Sexism

A handful of young male bloggers have launched themselves to the head of the line, leapfrogging those who’ve spent years playing the game by the old rules.juice