Former Israeli Prime Minister And President Shimon Peres Dies At 93

One of the last survivors of Israel’s founding generation has passed away.

Ariel Sharon, Israeli General, Defense Minister, Foreign Minister, Prime Minister, Dead At 85

After eight years in a coma, Ariel Sharon has passed away.

Swiss Report Supports Theory Yasser Arafat Was Poisoned, But Doesn’t Prove It

Was Arafat poisoned? A new report raises some questions, but answers none of them conclusively.

Oh Yes, This Will Solve Everything: Israel-Gaza Edition

The son of a former Israeli Prime Minister proposes an utterly insane idea.

Rick Perry’s Odd And Alarming Critique Of U.S. Mideast Policy

Rick Perry’s speech criticizing the President’s policies in the Middle East raised more questions than it answered.

What Exactly are the 1967 Borders?

I get the impression that a lot of people don’t even know what “the 1967 borders” are or why they tend to be considered the logical point of departure for any type of peace negotiations.

Yet More Throwing of Israel under the Bus

When will the madness end?

Obama Reiterates Statements On Israeli-Palestinian Talks In AIPAC Speech

President Obama doubled down in his speech before this year’s AIPAC conference. Why he did so only he understands.

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