Should Biden Commit to Being a One-Term President?

David Gergen lives in a fantasy world.

What Is The Proper Role Of Cabinet Members And Presidential Advisers?

As a general rule, Presidents are entitled to have a Cabinet and advisers he is comfortable with, but a Cabinet full of “yes men” is not ideal with any President, and certainly not with this one.

Team of rivals? Kitchen cabinet? Or Waylon Smithers clones?

The real model for Trump’s team is neither Abraham Lincoln nor Andrew Jackson but The Simpson’s Mr. Burns with a room full of Waylon Smithers-types.

Barack Obama Tries To Channel Teddy Roosevelt

Barack Obama now looks to the Rough Rider himself for inspiration. Can’t he find it himself?

Obama’s Teleprompter Has, Ridiculously, Become A Republican Campaign Issue

Barack Obama uses a teleprompter. This is not a big deal.

Experts and Cable News

Why talk to boring experts when you can, instead, air some more bickering?