Obama’s Federal Pay Freeze A Sign Of Clintonian Triangulation?

Is President Obama’s Federal pay freeze a sign that he’s moving to the right, or just pointless symbolism?

Will The Class Of 2010 Repeat The Mistakes Of 1994?

The incoming freshman of the 112th Congress say that they won’t repeat the mistakes that Republicans made when they gained power sixteen years ago, but some of the advice they’re getting virtually guarantees it will happen if they aren’t careful.

How Would I Solve the Deficit

Here’s my plan for creating a budget surplus of $126 billion by 2015 and $592 billion by 2030.

The Senate’s Most Conservative Member: Eliminating Earmarks Won’t Save One Dime

Okahoma’s James Inhofe has a message for the Tea Party movement — don’t be fooled by the “War On Earmarks.”

Earmark Reform: Who Decides How Tax Money is Spent?

Unless eliminating earmarks coincides with a radical reconception of how our government operates, it may be a step in the wrong direction.

Earmark Reform Isn’t Just Symbolism

Eliminating earmarks is good policy and good politics.

Rand Paul, The Tea Party, And The Phony “War On Earmarks”

Rand Paul is taking some heat for remarks that may or may not indicate that he’s backtracking on his previous vow not to seek earmark spending for Kentucky. Yes folks, the phony war on earmarks is back.

Republicans Still Not Getting Specific On Spending Cuts

They’ve won the elections, but Republicans still aren’t getting specific about exactly where they’d cut Federal spending.

Cutting Congressional Pay: Pointless Symbolism

Taxpayer “watchdog” groups are urging House Republicans to cut Congressional pay as an act of symbolism. It’s symbolism all right, pointless symbolism.

Bachmann v. Hensarling A Microcosm Of Internal GOP Battles

The race between Jeb Hensarling and Michelle Bachmann for Chair of the House GOP Conference is a microcosm for a battle that is likely to take place within the GOP for the next two years.

Carly Fiornia Won’t Say Where She’d Cut The Federal Budget

Yesterday’s appearance by Carly Fiorina on Fox News Sunday provided an excellent example of how un-serious Republicans are when it comes to living up to their fiscally conservative rhetoric.

Tea Party, Sarah Palin Endorsed Candidate Headed For Defeat In Alaska

Sarah Palin’s decision to back a long-shot candidate in the GOP Senate primary in Alaska didn’t exactly work out as planned.

Newt Gingrich at CPAC

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Murtha Earmark Scandal

Palin’s Speech Reax

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